Hello!  I am Jenn.  

And this is my husband, Ron.

We live in Texas.  There isn't a whole lot going on in this small town in Texas, but what little does happen I like to document.  It's an ordinary life that in our hearts, is extraordinary.  After the following pics, is our original "About Us" entry.  It was written about seven years ago.  Things are pretty much the same:

Ron is still retired but he finally found a sweet little part-time job at an RV Park here in our home town.  It keeps him from being bored and puts a little green in my pocket, I mean HIS pocket.

I found a part time job about three years, two months and...oh, whose counting?  It is not so "part-time" anymore and I am not sure that I am really any good at it anymore, but I'm hooked.  I love it and I love my bosses. 

We still live in our thousand sq. ft. studio reno and we still have not finished.  There have been more updates and there will be more to come..

Lacey, Maggie and Jake, our chocolate, yellow and black labs have all gone to the Rainbow Bridge now, but we have a new set of canine babies.  May I introduce Milo Henry Quincy Jackson...

...and Mija - Bella...

She's too fast.  Can't get her to stay still long enough to get a good pic of her.  We found her on the side of the road when she was a pup.  

Mom and her poodle, Baby, have been spending quite a bit of time with us since she broke her hip.  She is doing very well.  She could probably go home but we won't let her.  It would be like losing an arm if she went home.  Something would definitely be missing.

And we cant forget this Pup...

ah, be still, my heart.  Ronnie calls him Cheecho-Boy.  We actually are very happy for him, as he has returned to his mama.  Both are happy and doing well.  We do miss that little tyke, though.

So, I think that catches us up!  Welcome to the blog.  Here's hoping you will subscribe and keep in touch with us via the comment section!

Continue reading if you want the original "About Us".

We are a May/December couple excited about journaling a new phase in our lives.  First, though, a little background to bring us up to date.  

Ronnie and I met when he was working in my home town.  My parents had a family restaurant and he happened to walk in for breakfast one morning.  This was fate in itself in that we normally did not open for breakfast, but my high school aged nephew convinced us we should open for breakfast in the summer and he would work the early shift.  We must have just sniffed glue, because we actually fell for that.  Guess who ended up stepping in when sleep became more important to him than  a new business endeavor.  You got it, me.  I was quite annoyed at the time because a passion for sleep seems to be a "Castillo trait" (that is, according to Ron).  I am NOT a morning person, but diligently went to work every morning.  Little did I know there was a prize in store for me. 

Because we were a small establishment, there was no budget for two wait staff in the morning. On one particularly busy day as I gathered breakfast plates to deliver to a table, this guy walks in wearing a green tee-shirt and grey bike shorts.  He stands at the "Please Wait to be Seated" sign for about a second before grabbing a menu and proceeding to seat himself.  What a jerk.  Strike one.  Now remember, I am already a bit grouchy, it being A.M. and all, plus I was a little stressed from tending to several tables by myself.  I am almost done caring for the table at hand when the guy obviously doesn't like what he sees on the menu and wanders up to the counter to snoop around for one with something he likes.  Strike two.  He sits back down at his table and I approach.  As I do, I look into the sweetest, most compassionate, most beautiful eyes that just melt me and instantly make me wish I has spent more time on my make up that morning.  Home run!  That is it.  That is where it started.  That is the moment my whole life changed.  One moment I am a sleepy, grouchy waitress, the next I am love struck.  Step back - sleepy and grouchy.  Step forward - love struck.  Just goes to show every moment is full of possibilities. 

Fast forward twelve years.  We are back in my home town, as Ron got tired of me crying every time I left Bay City saying, "Ronnie...I wanna move to Bay City".  An opportunity came up for him to transfer to an office in a town about an hour from Bay City.  We jumped on it.  But, a joy ride, it was not.  Rough office.  Yet another opportunity for another job arises.  This one requires us to move to the "Big City".  Actually, it is in the Metroplex of Houston, but still the "Big City" to us.  Ron always said he would NEVER move to Houston...NEVER say NEVER.  We found an incredible house we love.  It had everything on our list.  Most importantly a garden tub and a huge back yard for our "fur babies", to be introduced in the future.  We added a huge cement patio for family get togethers (we only had one), made a cozy space to corral the dogs into when we had company (which, the one time they went into it, they dug themselve out and never would get caught on the other side of that gate again when we were around).  We have been here two years and for the first time in my forty something years I don't cry, "Ronnie...I wanna move to Bay City".  Ironically, now, we must, kind of.   

Ron is finally ready to be retired.  He has not worked now for about a month and we are both loving it.  I have not worked since we moved here and am finding it difficult to get a job in Bay City.  But, we have decided Bay City is our best option.  We will move into the building my father built to house his dream of being a photographer.  Not only was that building a prosperous photography studio for Dad and my brother, Chris, but it was also a very successful bakery for my brother Leo and his wife Pam.  Now, it will be a home.  We renovated the home we purchased in Bay City and actually took pictures of the process, but not pictures of the end result before we sold it.  I wish we had - just fun for me to go back and look at all the changes we made. I'm glad we have decide to do this blog and cant wait to be able to look back on it 10, 20 years from now.  Hopefully, we can capture some life moments for Ron's grandchildren and children to look back on and remember and know their PaPaw, too. 

So, anyway, that is where we started and where we are at now.  There are many other stories about us that will help others get to know us which I will post along the way.  That's it for now, though.