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Happy October!

It is a beautiful, sunny, cool morning here in Texas today.  This is absolutely my favorite time of year.  I feel as if I come alive in the Fall.  I love the clothes, the cold, the stews, the football games, the season premiers on TV...I love it all!  I love October, especially.  I guess that is because my birthday is in October.  Hey!  It just hit me that maybe that is why I feel so alive at this time - it is when I was born!  Man, that's a revelation a long time coming.  I mean, I have had forty something years to figure that out and just now it hits me.  Geez.  Anyway, I digress.

There is a busy atmosphere here at Casa Causpanic today.  Mom has been visiting the last week and I will be taking her home today.  I always dread the day she goes home.  We really enjoy having her and Buddy (her little dog) around.  But, just like we love being home, so does she.  So off we go.

Also, the countdown begins today!  We have a verbal agreement for the sale of our house in November.  I know how crazy that sounds.  A verbal agreement for the sale of a house??  It's called living by the seat of our pants.  We have faith this is going to work out.  The gentleman is starting anew after a divorce and has said he would be interested in buying anything we are thinking of getting rid of.  Yee haw!  So, when I get back I will start taking pictures of the items we want to sell him and applying prices.  It does not at all seem real that we will be out of here by November 1, so it has been difficult to get motivated to pack.  The studio doesn't even have a fence for the dogs, a shower or a complete kitchen!!  Of course we can always stay with Mom (which will probably be what ends up happening) but we hope to avoid imposing on her.  In any case, we REALLY need to get serious about packing. 

As I sit here typing Mom is watching the tube and Ronnie is getting his boat ready for some fishing.  Finally, the time has come that he can GO FISHING!!!   Life is sweet!  Catch ya later!

Note:  Oops, Ron just pointed out I forgot to list his favorite thing about fall...Chili!!

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