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Real Estate Ready

When we started this blog we had an agreement to sell our house by owner.  We were both having trouble getting motivated to pack, as if it wasn't going to actually happen and as the saying goes, it aint gonna happen.  Unfortunately, the guy that was going to buy the house ran into some unforeseen circumstances.  Sometimes life just rolls that way.  We here at Casa Causpanic just roll with the punches.  You cant keep a good May/December couple down!  

As for us, well, we had an appointment with a real estate agent set for Monday which made it feel very real.  We were busy packing bees this weekend. 

What a mess!  As time goes on, you will see that we I am a messy person.   I don't put things up as I go along.  I have gotten a lot better, but still have far to go.  I say this only because I don't want you to be surprised one of these days when there is a picture with wadded up paper towels, coffee cups, plates or peach pits in the background.  You have been forewarned. 

Note:  Ronnis is not messy at all.  Especially, now that he has retired.  I can honestly say he is very cleanly OCD, now.

We also took on our first DIY project!!  Very easy, very fun.  We have had this daybed with a trundle bed for several years now.  Lately, it has been feeling a little bit country.  Nothing wrong with that, but we just felt it needed a little face lift.  

You can find advice on how to paint furniture all over the web and in lots of blogs.  We took our cue from Young House Love and started by adding a little texture to the frame with a 100 grit sand block.



Then we made sure to wipe off all the dust and sprayed it with a layer of Valspar primer.  Once that dried, about 3 hours (we were actually watching football during that time - the directions say it only has to dry an hour), we spray painted it with the first layer of flat black paint.  We let that dry about an hour and then re-sprayed the areas where we could still see the primer.  It isn't really necessary, but we plan on putting one more coat when we move just to make sure there is an even coat everywhere.  It a small change, but we really like it!

We spent most of the day yesterday preparing for our new realtor's visit.  The rest of the day was spent with her.  We really like her.  She is meticulous about her work.  She took tons of pictures and we filled out all the paper work before she left.  We feel really confident that we will have a good, quick sale!

I don't know why, but we always get the munchies when we watch the Biggest Loser??.  Tonights Casa Causpanic snack was chili con queso dip!!  Yummy.  Look for the recipe tomorrow. 

What do you like to snack on when your are watching your favorite TV shows?  We would love to know.

Thanks for stopping by Casa Causpanic today!  We love it when you visit!!

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