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820 8th Street

This is old news for our friends and family, but we really loved 820 8th Street and made many memories there, so we decided to document the remodel. Ronnie and I had already decided to move to my old home town even before he was transferred to the office that was closer.  So, after a few updates, we sold the house we were living in.


We bought a little travel trailer for Ronnie.  And visited often.           



And we purchased a 1701 sq ft house in my home town built in the 1940's with lots of huge oak trees.           

Living Room Before 


 These pictures were taken as we were house hunting.  We both fell in love with this house.  Ronnie loved it for what it was.  I thought it was adorable, but I always had a picture of "what it could be" in my head.  In order to make the house more attractive to buyers, the seller had the dark carpet installed (covering beautiful, character rich hardwoods) and built the storage you see along the wall.           




Den (enclosed garage) Before 1


Den (enclosed garage) Before 2


I think the counter top in the kitchen had been updated, but nothing else.  The little door you see on the far wall was one of those old timey "in the wall" ironing boards.  We sure hated to have to disturb that.           

Kitchen Before 1


Flowery wall paper border, mint green walls and a very old dishwasher that I would not put our dishes in.  That's Mama in the picture.  My beautiful mama.  She always goes with us when we look at houses.           

Kitchen Before 2


When we were house hunting I was fascinated by those cozy, lodge like walls.            

Master Bedroom Before


The master bath.  Oh, my.              

Master Bath 1


The master bath shower.  Double Oh, my.  We discovered later that the pan under the shower was leaking water and not only was there mold in the tile grout but also major mold in the surrounding walls.           

Master Bath 2


We were not able to do everything at once, but the master bath was a must!  We hired a contractor to do this work.  In hindsight, we could have saved some money by doing the demo ourselves.  Also, I learned a hard lesson about getting a firm quote as well as the questions, "will that be extra?"  and "how much extra?" during this project.  Our final tally was over double what we were quoted.    Owie.        

Mater Bath in progress 1


Master Bath in Progress 2


I did not have the foresight to know I might want some nice after pictures so these are not pics of the final result, but they kind of give you the idea.  I remember our budget did not allow for us to get new cabinets, but a couple of coats of deep chocolate-brown paint and some new hardware really made them feel new.  Note:  proper preparation is a must - sanding, priming - hard work, but worth it.  We did not want the expense of buying new doors, either.  Plus, the existing doors were perfectly functional, but the wood outdated them.  A coat of paint on this door was enough to keep them from attracting negative attention and that was fine with us.  It was so convenient to be able to buy all of our material, ceramic tile and border tile at the Home Depot.           

Master Bath After 1


 We were able to go from a single sink to a double sink which we knew would be a plus if we ever decided to sell.  The original mirror ran the length of the counter, but it was very old.  We considered keeping it and updating it by framing it with some wood or tile, but it just had too many blemishes.  I found these very inexpensive mirrors at Wal-Mart.  Two was better than one in this case as Ronnie is 6' 1" and I am 4' 6"!  The chocolate-brown and the neutral beige tiles were a beautiful backdrop for the brushed nickel fixtures.  I would have loved to have had oiled bronze fixtures but again, our budget did not stretch that far and we felt it would be way too much dark brown.  So, since we had the same tile and  border in the shower, we placed a punch of the dark brown into it with an oiled bronze shower head and knobs.  Unfortunately, I don't have pics of that either (kicking myself...and Ron!)            

Mater Bath After 2


In the end, it wasn't completely updated, i.e. the cabinets, but it was perfect for us.  Plus, it helped us increase the homes value.  I know I put all the before pictures in this post, but being new at this, I am very slow.  I see a "Part II" in our future.  A good part of the day has passed :O and Ronnie is napping.  I'm gonna watch the end of the OU/Longhorn game and then throw some burgers on the grill.  It has been a sweet day!

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