Well here I are again--- refreshed from a good nights sleep---NOT--- read til mid night n woke up at 5:30---thinking about yard work and remembered (CRS) that I left the water on all nite----DUHR.


Back to the "old times"--

Was gonna write about hog killin' time but thought it best to talk about more family first----Mama Fronie's mother and father lived  just a "hoop and a holler away" from the Hale place, it was called the Fagin place it was across the creek and across a road.  Grandma and Grandpa Keenum ---just know that Grandpa Keenum was a farmer also and had a team of mules and a wagon- got a ride one time. Grandma Keenum was a little thing, she had what is now called osteoporosis --called hunch back--back then. Grandpa Keenum died on the porch of that old house. Mama Fronie had 2 brothers--Perry and Earl--- later about them as gonna have to research the old foggy mind.

Daddy Ernie's parents had both passed by the time I came along---there were lots of aunts and uncles, all lived around the area. Uncle Vanie and Aunt Ruby were the ones I was most associated with and they were a lot like my Grandparents--they were farmers and had all the same farm animals and stuff.  They also had a daughter---Sharon---she is a few months older than me. Daddy Ernie and Uncle Vanie worked together farming the land  and helping each other when needed.

More later---can't seem to get it together this  mornin'---ramblin'.