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The 20/20 Cure

Check out The 20/20 Cure.  It encourages folks to take 20 minutes for 20 days for a beautiful, organized and healthy home.  Thought you might find it interesting too.

Day 4 - 20/20 Home Cure - Fall 2010 from maxwellgillinghamryan on Vimeo.

He reminds us that someone else will love and enjoy the things that we aren't using anymore and that getting rid of things in our lives opens it up for new things to come into it.

What sort of stuff do you have in your home that you aren't enjoying and could pass on to someone else?  Does sentimental value keep you from letting them go?  I know it does for me! 

How many times have you heard or said, "So and So gave that to me", "it's still good, I might use it some day", "that belonged to Grandpa" and my famous last words, "those almost fit, put it in the save pile"? 

Oh, its so hard!  What do you think about Maxwell's idea of having an out box where you can separate yourself from the item until you either feel comfortable with letting it go or put it back in the closet?

I have a beautiful porcelain tea set that my brother, Chris, gave me.  It ins't really something I would have bought for myself, but he gave it to me and it reminds me of him and all the many kind, unselfish, thoughtful things he did for me.  So, it has made the cut each time we have moved.  On the other hand, there was a really nice wicker like shelf deal that Chris and I found at a resale shop.  Again, it wasn't something I would have bought, but he said it was cool, so, of course, that made it so and I bought it.  It served us well during its tenure in our lives.  But finally, I let it go.  I think it's the level of remembrance that helped me to let it go.  Sure, the wicker shelf deal was pretty and functional, but it didn't bring about the deep emotion and essence of my brother like the tea set does.  Same thing with this ornate candle holder he said was cool that I bought (now I'm starting to wonder if he just said it was cool to see what monstrosities he could get me to buy???)  I broke the legs off if it and it actually was pretty cool, I think.  But, at some point I decided it wasn't my style and I finally let it go.  Again, it reminded me of Chris's eye for unique things, but it didn't bring about that strong surge of emotion reminding me of how incredible my brother was. 

I have to admit, as I sit here and write about these items, I do wish I still had them, because they actually were cool, but I it does my heart good to know that someone else may be perusing the resale shops with someone they love and making memories of their own.

Video courtesy of 20/20 Cure, Apartment Therapy

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