Gonna try this agin---seems like the old dawg can't get it rite---

First cold norther and it was hawg killin time---wood, water, boilin pots, hawgs n family. Family would gather at the Hale place-- the fires to boil the water would be goin--and the process would begin. What I remember most was the cracklins--yeah I do---I know now where the cracklins came from---the hawgs were killed--don't know how---strung up, bled and innards removed--scalded and scraped--to get the hair off--then skinned, cut up in small chunks with some fat left on  and dropped in a boilin wash pot full of, I guess cookin oil, the end result was like what we call today --pork skins--no comparison to the real thing. Grandma Keenum was the "cracklin cooker" and we--the kids were given cans to carry our cracklins in. I remember they were hmmm hmmm good---yeah I do. It was family time as I said--my Mom and Dad-Mama Fronie and Daddy Ernie ---uncles, aunts n cuzins ----probably some neighbors--seem to  remember kids other than family--mite be others brought hawgs---not sure but seemed like it took a good while to getter done. Not sure how the meat was processed --other than the cracklins-- I know we had sausage---guess some  was ground and seasoning mixed in--stuffed in I think some kinda sock---along with the  other meat --hung in the smoke house and preserved by heat and wood smoke. Feel pretty sure that all that could be eaten was preserved some how.

More later-----