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It's Almost Here...


Halloween is near, my friends.  Im sure most of you already have your costumes and your candy ready. 

For some reason I only remember handing out candy once and the only person that came by was my nephew, Alex.  I was sad.  Not really!  I know one year when the grand kids were teeny tiny we went to San Antonio to watch them trick or treat.  Another one of those up and back trips, but it was fun - good deposit to the Memory Bank.  I would post pictures of the little princess and the puppy dog, but we already packed all the pics and scrapbooks.  Bummer, dude.  The last couple of years we spent Halloween at the Church on the Rock for the Chili Cookoff and Bingo and, oh yeah, to enjoy all the children eating devouring candy in their frightening costumes. 

This year we have given thought to hanging around here and scaring greeting all the little neighborhood children.  We've even thought about dressing up.  We liked these ideas for Ronnie:


 KISS - Demon Adult Costume


 Mr. Hamburger Helper.  We do like to eat, you know

Hamburger Helper Hand Adult Costume

This Ultimate Party Animal is kinda what he looked like at Ronnie II's 40th birthday party 


 Ultimate Party Animal Adult Costume

He loves westerns, may be could be the Reaper Cowboy

 Reaper Cowboy Adult Costume


Oooh, this I like, the Grave Ghoul 

Grave Ghoul Adult Plus Costume


 As for me...

Sleeping Beauty wicked step mother?

Sleeping Beauty Disney Maleficent Deluxe Adult Costume

Lost Puppy...

Lost Puppy  Adult

I just wanted to make you laugh.  How about '70's Disco Mama??

70s Disco Mama Adult Costume

Pesonally, I like the Dead Bride one

Day Of The Dead Bride Adult Costume


Oh, who are we kiddin'?  We aren't going to dress up, but it is fun to look! 



Note: Wicked Witch Laugh clip and picture courtesy of entertonement.com and costume ideas and pictures courtesy of http://www.buycostumes.com


Introducing the Little Greats