More Farm Life

Back agin---its 5:30AM and couldn't sleep----my little wife said visitors lookin at my stories would picture me as-- how did she put it---an old country hick standing on a porch in cover alls--chewin on a straw and an old skinny dawg with floppy ears layin at my feet and with all my gramatical errors my----lack of puncuation marks and spellin---hawgs--well thats the way it sounds---like there's awl u put n ur car, there's awl u cook with and then there's "u awl. Whata you think of them apples. Yeah buddy!!!

Another thing I remember---I do-- guess I was gettin a memory-- -calf casteratin time--young calves were gathered and the young bulls were made into steers---not sure if we consumed the remains---mountain oysters--sure they did-- it was kinda like a mini round-up. Calves were seperated and penned---roped--cut and doctored---I was sittin in a feed trough watchin the rodeo when one of the roped and bigger calves decided to join me. Talk about tearing out a there---made the fence that surrounded the pen in a single bound---I'm braggin---got ribbed abt that for quite a while.