Memaw's Family

My Mama's side of the family lived around the area--all pretty close. As I said earlier--Mom had 4 sisters and 2 brothers-- Thelma Jane being the oldest--we all called her Jane---my  Dad was the only one that called her Thelma??-she was the only one out of the  bunch that went to college and was a teacher for 40-50 years--maybe longer and she loved it----she taught even before she had a degree. She married a rancher--Rado Jefferies--- and lived in Santo---most of her teachin was done at the school there----a little community close to Mineral Wells. They had no children--but they made up  for it later on--- Loved to go visit there--Rado would take me with him when he would go check the cows--sheep--and goats. He had leased land all around Santo--rugged country back then--horseback or jeep to get around. Canyons and what seemed to me  at the time ---mountains---I could imagine all the varmints that lived in those mountains---

Katie Lou was next oldest girl and she lived in Weatherford---had 4 kids and no husband---he was always runnin off--least thats how my Mom put it---Bruce Bowden---Mom described him as a charmer---I think thats the word i want to use---he could be the nicest most generous man --sincere---and then just disapear---without a care in the world---show back up as if he had just gone to the store and returned. They did get a divorce later on---I think--- and Kate raised those kids all by herself---Bruce was killed later in a motorcycle and truck wreck---I know Daddy Ernie went to the funeral. Verma Joe was Katie Lou's oldest, then Janet ---Butch--Bruce Jr---and David. We used to play together when we lived in Weatherford---one time I went over to play without permission--probably about 4 yrs old ---crossed what would have been a major highway at the time---Mama came and got me ---switched me home--ya'll know  what a switch is???--- Mama said---their wild over there---said I WANT TO BE WILD TOO---guess it was alright to be wild when Mama was around---HA!

Then there was Edith---she had a tough row to hoe also---don't remember when she married Floyd Boling ---I  don't---but he was another flighty one--he would work---get paid---and disappear--at least thats what I remember ---I do---he was kinda like my uncle Bruce--but he would'nt be gone long--usually just the weekend. Edith was injured in a car accident when she was younger and had a bad head injury---course didn't know this until later on---but always wondered why she was so  good one day and mixed up the next. She raised pug dogs--ugly but cute lil guys---and raccoons---yep---raccoons for pets---Floyd found them as babies and she raised'um---they were fun to play with but got mean---we--the cuzins and I would give them suger cubes---coons wash their food---the cubes would dissapear while washin and the coon would get mad and turn the  water bowl over lookin for the cube---heck--we thot it was funny n do it agin---guess Floyd finally turned em back to  the wild--don't remember---I don't. Edith loved flowers and other plants---always had a small garden---always messin with the Pugs and her outdoor stuff. Floyd was one of those kinda guys that could do anything---just remember my Dad sayin that--I do--build,sell,fix anything---and probably had no education--and no ambition other than to do whatever he wanted to do at the  time.

Flora Bea was next in line--she married Bill Rockwell--they along with my parents had gone to school together--had one son Kenny--and they lived in Ft Worth.