Mom's Family-cont:

Flora Bea was next in line--she married Bill Rockwell--they along with my parents had gone to school together--had one son Kenny--and they lived in Ft Worth. Kenny was about 2 years younger and was a city boy--they were doin' good--both Flora Bea and Bill had good jobs---Kenny was rotten-LOL--or seemed like it to me. We would usually get together with the other cousins in Weatherford but sometime we would head to Ft. Worth and Kenny and I would terrorize the neighborhood. Remember---I do---had a little Boston Bull Dog---Skippy--loved to ride--back seat--passin' gas--we'd say, shame on you Skippy and he would hide his head in the corner. More about the Rockwells later cause my memory bank is --I think-- still asleep.

Kenny had a locomotive set--loved to set that thing up and watch it run around the tracks and obstacles we set up---he was not into it as much as I was---lots of time settin' up and then havin' to put it up. A lot of our time was outside playin' cowboys and Indians---we all had toy pistols and holsters---cap guns---n I could draw and shoot with the best of 'em. We'd get together with Kenny's friends in the neighborhood and have it out. Usually wound up in a little argument as to who outdrew who and who won the battle.HA!

As I mentioned earlier Mama had 2 brothers---Arnold and Ray--actually Arnold was the oldest child in the family-- lived in Ft Worth and best I remember---I do--didn't have to much to do with the family--just remember seein' him a few times---not even sure what he did for a livin'---he is just a vague memory. 

Ray--who I was named after---my middle name is Ray---died of appendicitis at an early age---back when doctors weren't quite as available as now. From what Mama told me he loved to hunt and fish and I think he and my Dad hunted some together. I had a little 22 Crackshot 26 that was his--my son has it now-- and a sling shot ---they were called something else back then--- that he used to kill squirrels and birds with. Not much of a memory--other than what Mom told me and guess it didn't register.

Well thats it for Memaw's side of the family til later---cause there's lots more.