A guy walks into a restaurant...

No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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Blog Infidelity

Is it politically incorrect in the blog world to say I have played  around with and am investigating different blogs sites today?  I want to be certain the one we commit to is the one for us.  I've had some interesting findings.  Some sites even allow you a 14 day trial.  I like that.  We are officially dating another blog platform.  We will keep you updated.

Otherwise, it has just been a day of washing clothes and watching football.  Ron is outside working on his boat.  The house is filled with the tantalizing aroma of garlic and cumin as I cook pork for guisada, Mexican style stewed meat, for those of you that might be wondering.  It is definitely a recipe I want to include in a Casa Causpanic Kitchen tab.  Stay tuned, it is really good and easy.  Later, Gators!

Geez, Don't You Have Anything Else to Do?

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