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Geez, Don't You Have Anything Else to Do?

I do, but I like doing this best.  This is so much fun for me and I can hardly wait for packing and moving and renovating to start so I can get to writing something that might be helpful or interesting to you!  I have always loved writing.  My third grade best friend and I were going to write a book called Best Friends and BoyfriendsWhat the heck we thought we knew about either, I don't know.  I only had one experience with a boy at that time and that was in second grade with my second grade best friend.  We wrote a note to a boy named Robert.  It read, "I love you.  Do you love me?".  There were two little boxes  - one with a yes and one with a no.  You get the picture.  Well, he and his second grade best friend replied quickly.  Our little hands were sweaty and trembling with anticipation as we unfolded the note...that is, until we opened it and saw a big X on the no box and the footnote reading, "I am going to beat you up after school".  I promptly developed a stomach ache (can you believe I had to play sick for two hours before they would call my mom???)  and my aunt finally picked me up.  Whew!  My friend was safe because she rode the bus and it was there waiting when the bell rang, without fail.  It was the weekend and although I was a little worried, I felt pretty sure he had forgotten about it when school let out on Monday. 

So, anyway, I have known a long time that I should be a writer.  I wrote a little pathetic poetry there for a while and I have attempted to start several novels.  But this, blogging, it seems to be what I have been looking for.  I sure hope anybody out there agrees. 

One thing I must ask is that you forgive me if I am too "gung-ho" about this or if it seems a little narcissistic.  You see, I have no children and no job.  Basically, it's me and the brain.  And we ponder a lot.  I spill quite a bit out to Ronnie, but the rest...yep, you're the lucky one!

I've done a lot of research today and need to spend some quality time with the brain.  I figured something a little fun was in order.  Introducing, Jake Dillon our youngest fur baby...

Hmmm...apparantly I need a video upgrade, I think, maybe?  Darn that learning curve.  Guess we will have to cancel Jake's appearance until a later date.  Sorry, no refunds.

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