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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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My Redneck Trailer

We  picked up some 4x4's at Home Depot---for fence buildin'--- and since I don't have a truck or trailer-- I do have a 17' aluminum boat---I used it to haul the post to Bay City--all the way over Little Girl kept sayin'---u a Redneck--can't believe you're gonna put that wood in the boat---I Did---we went in and a young man helped us pick out the post and hauled up to the register---I went out to get the ---TRAILER--and when I drove up the guys and Little Girl---that's what I call my little wife--- were laughin'---as soon as I got out I said --she told y'all to call me a REDNECK --right-- and they started laughin' again.

That was Thursday eve and Friday mornin' after a breakfast of bacon, bean and cheez tacos and some coffee--we headed out, stopped at our local grocery store and picked up some tripe---stuff for "menudo"---a delicious Mexican dish that we all love ---- my Mother-In-Law makes the best. While waitin' for  Little Girl---I re-arranged the load---it was tongue heavy---had to put the major weight back on the axle--kinda' even it up some. Forgot to mention--I have a jeep wagon and the back was full of boxes that we were takin' to Bay City to store there. This added to the weight in the back end of the jeep. After a fuel stop we were on our way. Got there about 12:30---picked up Gran Ma --which we fondly call my Mother-in law and went to meet Christi--our niece--for lunch. Visited for a while over enchiladas, chalupas, tacos, hot sauce and chips---ever in Bay City--drop by El Zarape's good food.

Christi is gettin' into Photography and Little Girl is working on a website for her---helpin' her with  pricin'---stuff like that. I'm sure that Little Girl will be having some of her pics on our site.

 Dropped off Grn Ma and Little Girl---went to studio--- unloaded the post---back to Grn Ma's--- un-hooked my "REDNECK TRAILER" went in and the menudo smell was comin' from the kitchen. We  visited for a  while and the gas company called---we had to find out where gas lines ran so we knew where to dig our post holes for the fence. So we headed back to the studio---Little Girl's father and brother both were photographers-- both have passed but we still call the place the "Studio". This will be our home in Bay City.

Unloaded the boxes that were in the jeep----called an electrician to come over to see what we could get done hookin' up some power--and lights---city inspector told us what we needed and we should have power next week.

Called Leo--my Bro-in-law--he is the carpenter,painter, and FISHIN' BUDDY--in the family---to see if he and Pam --Sis-in -law---would partake in the "MENUDO"  oh yeah!!!---Back to Grn Ma's menudo still cookin'---have to boil the tripe so it will be tender---kinda like meat---spices added and lots of hominy. Ate about 5PM let'er settle a bit and back to Dickinson.

Out House fire

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