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Out House fire

Papa and Mama Buntin moved to another house closer to Papa's Buntin's work i guess--don't remember them havin' a car---really don't--he walked to work--- The house was close to the the highway---the highway I mentioned crossing earlier when I escaped to play with the " wild over there" cuzins. Anyway it set off the highway a good bit and there was plenty of room for us to play.  I remember there was a row of some kind of tall, slim trees along the old dirt road that led up to the house and that's where we spent a lot of time---hidin'--playing--gatherin' lady bugs and at night lightnin' bugs.  There was some wasp nest in the trees and one day I got stung--Papa Buntin' --like so many back then --chewed tobacco---he chewed a wad--put it on my  bite and low in behold the pain went away---sucked the poison out I guess---proud that I had tabaccy on my arm.  Is it still hurtin--nope---take it off--nope.

What I remember most was the good times we had there---I do--family, food and fun. Easy livin' in my young mind---didn't know the struggles that went on back then--seemed like all was good.  There was the garden, the chickins, and the old milk cow. Might've even had some hawgs---back then if you had room you could have livestock in town. Nobody complained--you could always expect some garden stuff--eggs--extra milk  from your neighbors, cause your neighbors were also your friends.

Even in town lots of people had 'out houses'--mite of been septic systems of some sort down in town.  Papa and Mama Buntin's outhouse--think it was a 2 holer--- was out past the garden --seemed like a long way--we were all out there playin'--some of us got on top and someone had some matches---we would light the matches--throw em into the dry grass and whoever was on the ground was supposed to stomp it out.  Well some were thrown on the back side and no one there to put it out----we had to call Papa and he had to carry water in a wash tub--some others brought buckets---got it out but the back of the outhouse was burned pretty good. Our butts probably got a lot hotter than the fire. Lesson learned---no matches--or better stompers.

Squirrel Huntin

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