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Squirrel Huntin

Earlier I mentioned a little runt Terrier---Penny---the squirrel dog-- and squirrel huntin---first kind of huntin I ever did now a little bit more in depth about about how it was done.

 As I said--there was a creek that ran behind the house and down by the barn---didn't know where it came from til later on as I got older and could explore more--- my Dad and I along with Penny would head out down the creek bottom---Penny would be scoutin ahead for those tree rats. Sometime we could find them before Penny did--spot them runnin in a tree or jumpin from one tree to another. The little guys were smart---sometime just settin still and hard to see--times were they would move and give themselves away---as we moved up to the tree, the squirrel would move around to the other side out of site. Sometime Dad would send me around the tree--the squirrel would move to Dad's side and pow --- another one for the skillet. Penny would trail the ground runners and send em up a tree---barkin and carryin on---"com'on I got him treed now its up to you". He was a smart little guy and would watch for the squirrel to jump treed--which means the squirell would leave the tree he was treed in and jump to another---little guy would be barkin up a storm. If the tree leaned over even just a little Penny would try to climb the tree to get to the squirrel. Dad would kill a few, and to make a carrier he would cut the hind foot--pull out a tendon that ran thru the foot and put a stick thru and under the tendon ---made a handle---didn't have the new fangled squirrel carriers and bags available now. We'd head back to the house where Dad would skin and clean em up. Mama Fronie would fry em up along with  gravy, taters, biscuits and always some onion---seemed the meal tasted better with onion. Even today when we have chickin fried steak, gravy, and what ever---got to have onions. More about squirrel huntin later as there are several more stories in the old noggin.

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