A guy walks into a restaurant...

No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

Y'all come on in.

It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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We have a Logo!

I can not believe we were able to create a logo that fits us so perfectly.  It is so full of symbolism.  First, even though it is colorful, it is simple.  Obviously, we were going to have a house to represent the Casa.  I love that it has the Spanish like colors and two people inside the house.  It was coincidental that one is tall and one is short, haha.  That is exactly how we look in person.  The next thing is the sun surrounding the house. 

I actually did not relate it at first, but Ronnie's keen eye and memory (don't tell him I said his memory is keen) associated it to a beautiful time in our relationship.  When we first fell in love he lived about 180 miles away.  He would call me every morning on his way to work, usually about 5 A.M.  As soon as I would say hello he would say, "It's dark outside, but the sun is shining".  Oh gosh, I was jello.  I couldn't even get mad that he woke me up before the alarm.  We have been blessed in that we have not had very many struggles but in those times he always reminds me, "It's dark outside but the sun is shining".  What a sweetie.

Ok, conclusion to 820 8th Street later today.  Gotta do some house work first.  I also want to include the following link as I think this young man is a phenomenal photographer.  Christi, (my niece that inherited the photography gene) I may have sent you this link before to see if you could get our dogs to behave and get great pictures like his, but he has added many photos.  Check it out everyone.



820 8th Street, Part II

Geez, Don't You Have Anything Else to Do?