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A Time to Pack

As you may have read in this post or this post, we are moving at the end of this month.  Have we started the packing process?  If you know us, you know the answer to that question.  It just seems so far away.

When I moved from home to attend college I had a twin bed, a hand me down recliner, and clothes.  That was an easy move.  No planning, no moving truck, no movers necessary. We threw the few items I had into my dad's little blue Ford pick-up truck and headed out.  Don't ask me how, but three years later I had accumulated enough "stuff" to fill up a full size Chevy truck bed.  Not only that, but when my dad and my brother, Chris, arrived to load up I still had not finished packing.  I have vivid memories of Chris stewing in anger and frustration as we drove to the U-Haul place at 5 p.m. to get boxes.  That was a long day and night.

Ron and I have moved a few times in our lifetime together.  A few of those moves held a frightening resemblance to my move from my college apartment - only double the stuff!!  When we moved from Ronnie's home town to my home town we worked our poor relatives to the point of exhaustion, dehydration and dis-owning!  My cousin's husband was the youngest of the bunch, so he suffered the most, although the others were not far behind.  But, I am happy to report that with age comes knowledge.  Our last move was "as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey" (oh Lord, did I really use that???)- and I expect the same for this move. 

We have the first step complete...gather your supplies - packing tape and dispenser, wide Sharpie marker, zip lock bags for screws and parts and pieces that must be kept with parent pieces, packing paper, cardboard and plastic boxes from our last move, labels (to differentiate from the last moves labeling and this move) and last but not least, what I call my Moving Journal. 

My Moving Journal is really just a flip top spiral to keep track of things moving related.  It holds information like:

Quotes on Pods (last time it had moving company quotes), new home insurance quotes, etc.

Lists and numbers for connects/disconnects - there have been times I have had to reschedule disconnect/connect day or have had to call and check to see why it is five o'clock and we haven't seen hide nor hair of the DirecTV guy that was supposed to be there at one o'clock.  This eliminates saving it in my phone and deleting later because my journal is always with me.  Seriously,  I sleep with it by my bed in case I wake up remembering something I need to do, hence...

Moving to do lists, and...

Box inventory - basically just a list of numbered/labeled boxes and a list of contents in those boxes.  This saved a lot of search time.  If we needed something that had not been unpacked we just turned to our trusty list.  Not only that, but boxes with lower numbers correspond to less used items and those with higher numbers correspond to the things we use more and packed last. 

I am sure I have forgotten a few things, but will post as I remember.  If anyone is out there visiting our blog and you have some packing tips we would love you to share.  I can say we have learned a lot about moving, but we are definitely don't know everything...yet.  

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