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Home Office Dream Land

As Ronnie would say, "I've got the cart before the horse" looking for different office ideas for the studio.  We still have to build a fence and add a bathroom, at least.  But, it helps me feel like we are making some progress when we are really at a standstill.

Hence, my escape to home office dream land.  The space we will have for an office will be about 8' x 12'.  Plenty o' room for all the functions I want our office to perform.  That includes:

  1. Area for the the computer and printer
  2. Area for gift wrapping/scrapbooking/crafts
  3. Storage for gift wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, office supplies, files
  4. Seating for reading, relaxing, talking and research on the ipad (I know, I know...I don't have an ipad, but someday I will, I'm putting it out there God =))


Dealing with the City is a real pain in the como-se-llamas (Spanish for "what 'cha ma-call it").  Permits, inspectors, clerks...geez.  I tried to get the electricity turned on and the electric company said, "Gotta have it inspected and approved by the City before we can turn the electricity on."  Ok...call the City, get the permits, Inspector comes out and says, "You need to isolate the lights and get a couple of constructions plugs."  Ok...call the electrician, he comes out to do the work and says, "I can't isolate the lights if you don't have any electricity."  Whaaaa???  We tried a new approach today and we are keeping our fingers crossed. 

We truly are glad you dropped in so, until we get word from the City, grab a cup of java, pull up a seat and join me in home office dream land.  If you could have any office you wanted what functions would it serve?  Would it be all work and no play?  What colors do you think would get your mind in work mode?  Go on dream it on up and share it with us when you get a chance!

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