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"Spook-tacular" Halloween at Casa Causpanic

Woo-hoo!  Halloween is over!  Boy Howdy, what a fun night it was.  We really never do the Halloween thing.  Like I said before in my post about our ideas for costumes, my niece usually invites us to the little carnival deal at their church, but they did not have it this year.  Sooooo...we kinda thought it would be a neat idea to terrorize the children of the neighborhood.

I know, I really do look like the Wicked Witch of the West, only a little "fluffier".  Ronnie was pretty scary...if he wasn't spewing out this horrific, terrifying laugh, he was silent...mute...dummied up...which was scarier than the spine tingling laugh.

I was really worried about scarring our little neighbor, Carter, for life with our frightening costumes.  He was alright when he saw Mean Green Witchy Woman...I guess he recognized my voice, but he wasn't so sure about Mr. Skeleton Hunter Man.  He actually took a few steps back.  Then, Mr. Skeleton Hunter Man took of his faux face and revealed Mr. Ron and Rock Star Carter had a good laugh!  I cannot tell you how much we love this little man!!

I get such a huge smile on my face just uploading this picture! 

Once it got darker, Mr. Skeleton Man and his wife Mean Green Witchy Woman sat outside to enjoy the laughter and good time had by all the children.  

Mean Green Witchy Woman is not only mean, but lazy, and has made a promise to herself that next year she will take pictures of all the little ghosts and goblins that come by our home.

Seriously, my resemblance to the Wicked Witch is disturbing me..."I'll get you little prettay".  Anyway, eventually, either someone threw a bucket of water on the Mean Green Witchy Woman or we ran out of candy.

Let me just say that my husband is in his late sixties and he was so willing and so ready to dress up.  I was so impressed by that and it makes my heart swell that we can have that much fun together.  All in all, it was like opening presents at Christmas, it all went by so fast, but we had fun!! 

What about you?  Did you do anything special for Halloween?  Maybe a carnival or a spook house?  Whatever it was, we sure hope you had a "SPOOK-TACULAR" time also!! 

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