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Moving Update

It is a perfect Fall morning today here at Casa Causpanic.  It is overcast, drizzly and cool.  It's a little bit of a lazy day for some of us. 

Three weeks have passed since we put our house on the market.  It has been a very uneventful three weeks, too.  We clean, we sit, we wait...patientlyanxiously.  Ok, I am the only anxious one.  Ronnie is pretty patient.  It's a weird feeling not really wanting to move, but knowing you are going to move...eventually.

Ronnie has actually been very productive, contrary to the preceding picture.  He keeps packing up my stuff.  I keep telling him, "Why are you packing that?",  "Don't pack that, we might need it!"  to which he responds, "Go sit down, Queen of De-Nile".  Ugh. 

We received an email from our realtor yesterday suggesting we go down on our price about three thousand dollars since we haven't even had any lookie loos.  Ugh!  So, we did.  Not quite 3k, but close enough.  Make us an offer people!  We actually knew the price was a little high (this isnt our first rodeo), but were hopeful someone miight come take a look.  I really wish we had done FSBO, but we didn't.  Asked her if we could have an open house or realtor tour.  Apparently, Open Houses don't do well in this area.  Mmmhmm.

We will be going to our new little home town tomorrow to take mom home...rain is expected.  Would you like a little cheese with that whine??? 

One of those very ordinary days at Casa Causpanic.  What about you?  Is there something you are waiting on to come through?  Do you get anxious or are you patient about it?

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