Styling Skills Test

I have no style, or so I thought.  I took this test at In Style and didn't do too bad.  I scored 3,925.  Many of the ones I missed I would have gotten right if I had just gone with my first instinct. It's funny, though.  I have not one single outfit that looks near as chic as any of the outfits in the test.  Matter of fact, I just decided on Friday that I am a starting a year of black and white.  So simple.  Anyway, click on the picture and try's fun and interesting. 

Instant Stylist 

How did you do?  Feel free to be chic when you visit Casa Causpanic, but you will still fit right in even if you just wear black yoga pants and a white t-shirt.  Although, you might be a little embarrassed because we will be matching.  Or, maybe not, I did score 3,925 on the style test, you know. 

Note:  Test courtesy of