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Sundown Texas

Well here we go again---from South Texas to North Texas. As I said earlier--Dad was in the school business---teacher and coach. Had an  offer from one  of his former team mates from college to come out where the wind blows free and everything with it----mainly sand. Sundown was located west of Lubbock on the plains--you could see for miles and even see the sand storms when headed our way. Man was that place flat---only trees around were the ones in town---well mesquite trees on the ranches. Cotton fields as far as the eye could see---when it was ready for pickin the fields were so white it looked like snow.

We moved into an apartment, it was connected to about--I think---10 apartments--all that lived there were teachers and coaches. It was in a L shape and had  a big fenced in back yard used by all. I could set on the front porch and see down the hall of the Elementary school. I had access to all the play ground equipment---and there was a lot of stuff to play on. I could go to the gym--shoot baskets---hit the play ground---it was a kids dream land.

Started the 1st grade there and it sure was convenient to live across the street from the school---got into a little scuffle on the play ground--Ms. McChristal sent me in to set in the hall during recess---Ms Keys sent me back outside cause no one was supposed to be in the building---ran home--told my Mom---" one tells me to go in--one tells me to go out---and I don't know what to do. HA! Got back to school after it got straightened out.

Sundown was an old farm-ranch and oil town---very few paved streets---not many sidewalks. Not sure where it came from--but they would spray oil on the dirt streets and it sure made for some smooth bike ridin. It also kept the dust down when the wind blew----NOT. We could walk from one side of town to the other in just a few minutes. Sure made it convenient for goin to the movies---back then--1950's--they had what was called "serials" and in order to keep up you had to go every weekend---Lash Larue, Hopalong Cassidy, Red Rider and Little Beaver---Gabby Hayes and Roy Rogers---Whip Wilson---those were the days. Cartoons and the dreaded news clips---YUCKO!

Wish I had  some of our old school annuals--names slip away and can't remember some of my playmates from back then---just know I had some favorite buds I played with. One whose dad was the bus mechanic for the school lived over close to the football field---I was afraid of his dad as he never smiled---always looked mad--he was of German decent I remember that--I DO---not sure if that had anything to do with it but he sure looked scary to me. My friend had an ugly lil ole dawg and he and Ted--my collie--would get into it every once in a while---first time I ever got dog bit---never try to break up a dog fight. Another friend ---Billy Keys-- his dad was Superintendent and his mom a teacher---remember the one that told me to go outside when I got trouble and I ran home. Red headed and freckle faced---he was a good friend but kinda a Moma's boy--well I was to--but not as bad as he was. Then there was Temesha (sp) Fields--my first love--HA! She lived across the play ground and I would some time stay with them when Mom and Dad went to out of town games. She had an older sister that would be my sitter---how convenient First time I ever ate pecans cooked in butter and salt--man remember how good they were---I DO. There was another little girl that lived in the apartments---we lived on one end and she lived on the other---we played together some--she was a little older--remember one time--I DO---was over at her apt and she was readin comic books---eatin cookies--laughin with her mouth full of cookies---dis--gusting. Don't know why that is a memory but IT IS. YUCKO!!

One of the tenants--not sure which one--was takin care of a Monkey for a friend. In the big back yard there was a cloths line for everyone to use---the monkey was on a leash that allowed it to run up and down the cloths line---we fed the monkey all the time til it got --die n of the rear---man what a mess---had to quit feedin that monkey. HA!

This was Ted's yard--not sure if he got along with the monkey--guess the monkey could get on the t-post of the cloths line. The fence was at least 6' and Ted could jump over anytime he wanted. His sleepin quarters was underneath the apt. There was an access for the plumbin there I guess and he would get under there durin bad weather. Ted was a self taught watch dog--when Dad was gone-out of town games---his post was the front porch--even in bad weather---when Dad came in he would head to the back yard. If it was durin the day and Mom had a visitor she would have to tell him it was Ok---he would get off the porch but watch and make sure all  was OK.

One time we decided to use Ted as a pack horse ---one of our adventures---like I said earlier Ted liked to chase cars---we had him loaded down with toy guns--canteens and "I don't know whut all". Anyway when the race was over there and our pack horse came back--our gear was scattered along 2 city blocks.

More about Sundown later--------


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