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Fence Prep

As "Little Girl" has mentioned in some of her blogs--we going to be remodeling the Studio---for you that have read her blog and for those who mite be first time readers---we call it the Studio cause thats where her Dad and brother had a photograpy studio---it has also served as a bakery--Pam and Leo--Sis-in-law and Bro-in-law had a successful baking business---so successful it 'bout destroyed their health.  Anyway---1000 sq ft building---big lot and lots of work to get 'er ready for livin in.

Been workin on gettin the area outside cleaned up for "our babies" Lacy Girl, Maggie Mae and Jake Dillon---leg lickin, lap lovin, labrador retreivers. A fence to keep the knotheads in. Went over to Bay City and the studio about a week or so ago---did some weed eatin'---poison oak!---itches like crazy.  I always wear shorts when doin' yard work and the  junk created by the weed eater got on my legs.  Never had problems with that stuff before---spent so many hours in the woods and around it thought I was immune---guess age 'n life style---food we eat--changed my immune system. Had some Caladryl clear---said it was good for PO---coated it good n sleepin good and then the dang itchin woke me up at 2 or so in the mornin---more Caladryl----when you get woke up like that hard to go back to sleep. Supposed to head to BC early but slept in---catchin up on the missed z's.

Back again at the Studio for some more clean up ---long pants---long sleeve shirt---protected. This trip was to cut some small trees and other junk too tough for the weed eater. Got that done and an area cut out where the fence is gonna go---got some measurements so we'll know how much fence to order---got the post awhile back---remember the Red Neck Trailer?  Next trip after Thanksgiving will be settin the post --hydraulic post hole digger---had enough of the old style post hole diggers years ago----punch the holes---cement the 4x4's and it'll be ready for the panels. Gonna get the 6 X 8 panels--just have to use long scews to attach them to the 4x4's. Bro-in-law, Leo is the master carpenter in the family and said he would assist---probably do most of the work-- I have a hard time cuttin a straight line. Might even get the nephew Michael to lend a hand. He's a wanna be carpenter---like me.

Along with a little work---GONNA GO FISHIN'----MANANA!!!!


Matagorda Bay

Thankful Thursday