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Matagorda Bay

Ok ---to the fun part---fishin' w/Leo---we were supposed to hit it early----2 o'clock itchin interruption of sleep made for a late departure.  We got on the road about 8 or so---traveled to Matagorda Harbor, launched the boat and headed out to East Matagorda Bay---windy and about 45 degrees---chilly runnin'in a boat.  East Bay was choppy but clear---we fished a couple of spots with no success----went to another spot in what is called the Diversionary Channel--- where we have caught fish before.  Actually went past it and pulled a dummy. 

There was a boat anchored and fishing kinda close to the area that we wanted to go to----cut across an area that I knew was shallow but thought I could make it---got 'er stuck--had to bail out and push it to deeper water---got my fat &%& out of the boat and low n behold----it floated-HA! Well to salvage a little bit of my dignity----the gas tank and motor and an ice chest filled with ice and drinks are in the back of the boat where I sit----but movin 250+---ain't sayin--- made it float. Lucky the bottom was pretty solid and not like some of the muck you run into.  Due to the current and wind had hard time gettin' the anchor to stick--frustrating after being stuck in the shallow water---if I were a fish I'd head out to calmer water with all the commotion----the other boat left---can't say I blame them----finally tied up to a tree limb. Stuff like that takes the fun out of fishing. Anyway, finally got a bait in the water---Leo caught a couple of undersized trout using lures---zero for me.  Except for the fun stuff---getting stuck on the sand bar and anchor not holding---I really enjoyed getting out.  Headed in to Grand Ma's for a break---we had planned to hit it again that evening-- night fishin---with generator and lights--one of our favorite times to fish and try another way to get our lines stretched.

Made it to Grand Ma's--the smell of something cookin---roast in the oven--sure smelled good. She said it was not quite ready---Ok---gonna take a pause for the cause---"NAP TIME".  I can take a short one n be ready to go for awhile longer. Hope the night fishin turns out better than the day fishin. 

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Fence Prep