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Thanksgiving Table Setting

A few years ago my Aunt Mercy gave me her Franciscan Desert Rose China.

I love that China--mostly because she gave it to me.

She has always given me so much.  She is a special person and has gone above and beyond what most aunts are expected to do.  She was a night shift nurses aide in the maternity ward back in her younger days.  That did not stop her from taking care of me during the day while my mom and dad went to work.  (Of course, it helped that I was a little angel and did no wrong.)  It also did not stop her from taking me, on many occasion, to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston (over an hour from our home town) to see doctors.  Don't get me wrong, it is something I would definitely do for my niece and nephews and my great-niece and nephews, but I am aware of how hard it would be. 

There were three occasions when I was in leg casts as a child and each time she helped take care of me.  She would come to our house in the morning after working all night, cook me what seemed like a pound of bacon and two pieces of toast before going to bed.  She knew I couldn't get into much trouble, as I was weighted down with casts.  One year I was in my cast when the Rice Festival came to town.  Now as a kid, you don't want to be anything but up and running when the Rice Festival comes to town.  There is a huge parade, well huge for BC, and then a fair with rides, cotton candy and freedom to roam with your friends.  But that year I was doing none of that.  I was in a cast from my toes to my chest.  Quite disappointing for a seven year old to miss the Parade back then.  But, thanks to my aunt I didn't miss it!  She lowered the windows in the back seat of her car, slid a board through and put me on it.  I got to see the whole parade!  Maybe her mama knew something when she named her "Mercy".

I have only used my china a few times-each time for Thanksgiving-a couple of times in Corpus and once in BC.  That year in BC was a disaster.  Mom cooked one of the turkeys that year and nobody believed it was done.  We cooked the ham and I guess it was overdone.  Then my nephew and his wife had three month old twins. Mama could not wait to get Baby Boy in her arms.  Everything was fine until she took him into the dining room.  Don't know what happened but he started screaming bloody murder (we think he didnt like the Artichoke color on the walls).  There was no blood and Mama didn't murder him-she didnt even pinch him, but he would not stop crying.  Nobody could comfort him.  Then Baby Girl decided he was not getting results so she tried to help by crying bloody murder too!  Mommy and Daddy couldn't comfort them and as new parents of twins, they, understandably, were not in the best of moods.  We could have cut the tension and discomfort with a carving knife.  Mom was devastated and on the verge of crying.  Everyone begged to hold them, thinking they might have the magic touch, but Mommy and Daddy packed them up to take them home.  Then we were all sad.  Little did we know, they never left!  It wasnt enough that the poor parents were probably sleepy and hungy or that their babies were screaming at the top of their lungs, but when they went out to take them home they discovered their car battery was dead!  That was the last time we had Thanksgiving at our house. 

Not sure how this post digressed from table setting to more nostalgia, but hope you enjoyed it.  What about you?  Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?  Any Thanksgiving disaster stories?                                                                                                            

Pictures of items courtesy of Olioboard.  Find Turkey place card holders at Etsy.com 

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