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Oyester Lake--Night Fishin'

After a power nap and  a couple of roast beef sandwiches, provided by Grn Ma---headed over to Leo's. Gonna load the generator on the boat and head out to the diversionary channel---Leo and nephew Mike and a friend caught some good size trout there a few days ago. No Leo--poor guy should open a taxi service--had to pick up Mike's girlfriend's son and take him home---then ran Mike to store. Pam had Chickin fried steak, mashed taters, corn agoin---when Leo returned we gobbled down a plate each---remember I had the roast beef sandwiches just a little earlier but you don't turn down Pam's chickin fried steak.

Gettin a late start so suggested that we go to Oyster Lake---didn't have to transfer generator and lights to boat---just load fishin poles and go. About a 30 minute ride and we were there. Usually its light city--a favorite with other fisherman in the area for night fishin----SURPRISE---we had it all to ourselves. Got the lights set up and within a few minutes had some bait activity---not to long after some  bigger fish movement.  We started catchin small undersize trout and reds----caught a couple of keeper size trout---tide was out and the bites were not coming very fast. We stuck it out til about 11 o'clock and decided to call it a nite. Even tho we didn't catch a bunch we had some line tuggin and gettin out, fishin---- just gettin out is great. Whoever coined the phrase "any day fishin is a good day" hit it on the head. I know we're gonna have more fishin trips and we'll get into some gooduns-- thats why its called "FISHIN".

Thankful Thursday...on Friday

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