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Thankful Thursday...on Friday

Well, I took my computer with me to BC thinking I might take a minute and make a post but I never did.   I am a day late, but I still wanted to share what I am thankful for from last week.  So, here we go:

  1. Ronnie and Leo had a good time fishing and even caught some fish.  Ronnie brought Mom back with him and we had a good week despite the fact that she fell TWICE the day she came here.
  2. Thankful Mom didnt break anything or hurt very much the next day after her two falls.  We immediately slathered her with blue stuff and Icy Hot and iced down her knees.  It really made a difference in how sore she got, or should I say, "didn't get".
  3. Mom and I went to Target and bought the Twins and Honey Boy some presents.  It was nice to be able to shop for them together and really nice to get most of the shopping done, since we only buy for the children.
  4. I am thankful for blessing, seen and unseen.  We are in the process of trying to sell our house.  Our realtor keeps telling us that things are just going to get worse.  I feel strongly in my heart that God is working behind the scenes to make everything work out perfectly for us and for the next family for which this house is meant.  So even though it seems like nothing is happening, I am grateful to know that there IS something happening.
  5. I tried a couple of new recipes last week and lo and behold, they actually tasted pretty good!  Of course there is a little something in each I would change but all in all they were good. 
  6. One extra, just for good measure.  I am just thankful that in these hard times when so many are struggling we are doing well, have a roof over our head, transportation, a full pantry and love.

Thank you, Cape on the Corner, for allowing me to share all I am thankful for on your blog!  I know sharing all we are thankful for helps us to see even more for which to be thankful.  Hope you don't mind that it is a day late and hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Post Thanksgiving Post

Oyester Lake--Night Fishin'