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Tin Top, Texas

Guess I was about 4-5 yrs old when Mama Fronie and Daddy Ernie-- moved to Tin Top---Uncle Vanie, Aunt Ruby and Sharon lived there already. They moved into an old 2 story ranch house---can't remember the name of the ranch. They sure hated leavin the Hale place---can you imagine movin all those farm animals.  Both Daddy Ernie and Uncle Vanie farmed land belonging to the  ranch. Ruby, Vanie and Sharon lived in a house a little ways down the road that we could see from the ranch house.

 There was 2 ways to get to Tin Top from Dennis---as the crow flies--across the Saunders Ranch--- about 20 or so miles---lots of gates and rough ranch roads--remember goin over to visit before they moved and cuttin across the ranch. Or you could drive from Dennis through Weatherford on to Tin Top---probably about 40 miles or so. Anyway, seemed like a long way from the Hale place.  

Tin Top was even smaller than Dennis--- just remember one store--think it was the post office to. Tin Top got its name from a cotton gin that had a galvanized tin roof and could be seen for miles. It was also located on the Brazos River and had the same old scary kind of bridge as the one in Dennis.



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