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Plugged in

We have electricity!!


Thanks to Alfred Coeffer, we finally have electricity.  First of all he made it financially feasible for us the get the work needed, done.  I really does pay to look around and get several quotes.  We had already built a relationship another company and we had pretty much indicated that we were going to be doing a lot of work and that we would have liked for them to do it.  Then they wanted to charge us $300-$400 to add a couple of ground fault construction plugs and isolate some lines.  Do What????  My husband called them several times trying to negotiate with them, to no avail. 

So, as much as we hated to, we called some other electricians and found Alfred.  His quote was a third of the other electrician's quote.  "Sold to the girl with the pony"!!  Alfred you have our gratitude and our business.

So, next week we can build our fence (if the city has gone by to mark where the pipe lines are) and start some demo.  Woot Woot!!

We have some baked chicken and potatoes cooking in the oven, some salad chillin' in the refrigerator and some Vodka mixers gettin their chill on in the freezer.  Look for a post on tamales in Casa Causpanic Kitchen, soon.  Mom and I are going to make some and give you step by step advice on how to make your own Holiday tamales!  After you see how much fat is in them, you may not want to ever eat a tamale again.  Nahhhh!

So happy you stopped in at Casa Causpanic!  Wish you were here to savor the aroma floating around the house.  What's for dinner at your house?  Any particular dishes you like best on the weekend?  Send us some recipes, we love to try new things!  Until next time!  Have a great weekend!

Note:  Photo courtesy of worksafety.com.



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