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More Weatherford

About this time while livin in Conroe--both Papa Buntin and Mama Buntin had strokes--really an unusual thing to  happen--both  havin strokes at the same time. A neighbor found them after not seein them out and about. Don't remember much about what went on---just remember Papa Buntin passed--it seems--not to long after. Mama Buntin lived many years  and Edith and Floyd took care of her. She was bed ridden and takin care of her I'm sure took its toll on Edith. They lived in a little frame house on the north side of Weatherford. I remember goin in and tryin to talk to Mama Buntin---she would just look at us and not say a word. It was hard---she looked so tiny in that bed. Edith would have to give her baths--feed her and change her just like a baby. Like I said--Edith--had a tough row to hoe. What I remember Floyd helped a lot--but would still take off on his little excursions.

We -- me and the  cuzzins-- would terrorize the neighborhood---not really. Guess the best times there were the trips to the "picture show". Back then we could take a dollar each-- me and the cuzzins----movie--popcorn--drink and candy and have change. Now it cost you a pay check.  Reeediculous!!! Sometime we'd get a ride with a family member---sometime we'd walk. Never to far for a good "shoot' um up" or what ever was showin. We'd get to see ---news---yuck--cartoons--and sometimes 2 movies.

Can you imagine--THE LITTLE RASCALS-- Verma Jo, Janet, Butch and David, Kenny and me. Headed out to the movies. Remember the out house fire.  Oh Yeah!!!---really we didn't give our parents too much grief but we had fun tryin.

Strange we never fought---well David and Butch did---brothers are supposed to do  that---right? I remember David gettin so mad---he would hold his breath til he started turnin blue----got to where I would tickle him --get him to laughin and things would be alright.  Verma Jo was the mother hen---watched over us when there were no adults around. Both Jo and Janet were beautiful girls---Jo had black hair and Janet a blondie--like I said Katy Lou had her hands full---2 good lookin and 2 rowdy boys--n no husband.

Weatherford was fun---playin with the cuzins--but my heart longed for the farm--woods--Mama Fronie and Daddy Ernie, Erna Lee and good old Penny. When we came up from Conroe we would stay at the farm at Tin  Top-- just drive into Weatherford and visit--sometimes I would stay the night either with the rowdy boys--sometime with Kenny over in Ft Worth. It was fun but I had rather be out n about. Couldn't go far-- cause ---I was to little---but far enough. I guess Erna Lee was my mother hen on the farm---don't remember--but think when Mama Fronie and Daddy Ernie moved to Tin Top, Erna Lee stayed with family or friends and continued going to school at Dennis.

One time when I was 5---I remember---I DO---I was gonna  get to stay with Mama Fronie and Daddy Ernie for a few  days--- got sick---remember the big old 2 story ranch house---kinda scary---rain storm with high wind shook the house---little chickin---not sure if that's what caused me being sick or not but they some how got word  to Mom and Dad while on the road and they came back and got me. Think they called the Highway Patrol.  Guess I wasn't ready for the  big time--yet. 

Tamale Recipe Pre-ramble, I Mean, Preamble

Conroe, Texas