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Christmas Crafts

We have been trying really hard to get our Christmas decorations up.  My hat is off to those of you who actually get your decorations up the week of Thanksgiving.  Oh, how I aspire.  But, here it is December 11th and we are just now finalizing our decorations.  Which, that is actually ok since we wait until the Epiphany to take them down. 

The web is chock full of inspiration for Christmas crafts.  The first place I usually look to is MarthaStewart.com.

Love this Ribbon Poinsettia Wreath 

 So I made this one...

Now, I went to one of the major craft stores to buy the materials necessary to make this wreath.  The Styrofoam wreath forms were $3.99 and up. 

Normally, I wouldn't care, but we are really trying to find the best deals possible now-a-days, so I went to the trusty Dollar Tree and they had a plain, wood wreath for $1.00! Ok, it IS a little different, but it is workable.  Not only that, but I am making some glitter trees and the cones at the craft store were $3.99!  Dollar Tree...yep...$1.00.  Yes, they are a little shorter and smaller, but I can make it work.  Take the four bucks you saved and go get ya a latte or a Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milk Shake from Chick Fil A (stay tuned and maybe we will have a homemade version that will save you some calories.  We sure are going to try!) 

It worked fine.  I went there tonight to get a few more things and they had Styrofoam wreath forms also for a buck which they did not have the other day.  Save yourself some money and time and check out the Dollar Tree first. 

Next, I so loved this blue spruce wreath trio, also inspired by Martha Stewart 

Which led to this:

I had some old Dollar Store wreaths we had used at our house in BC.  I am so glad I found a way to put them to use here in Dickinson.  And then there is the nutcracker idea I found at House of Hepworths.  I bought these at the Dollar Tree.  I had actually been there the day before I read HOH's post, but I did not remember seeing any nutcrackers.  So, of course I went back.  This is them before:


Then I stripped them of their hair.

Don't they look much younger??  At first, I painted them white, like Allison's, because I really love them white. 

But it didn't really go with my Christmas colors so I took a chance and tried painting one gold.  I like it. I did not think it would be as pretty as the silver one Allison did, but I think it is.  Now, I just have to finish them.


And this garland we have had for years.  I am the type that likes everything.  Aren't multi-colored lights so awesome? But white lights are beautiful and elegant.  But, blue or green or red lights are unique and always look great.  Same thing with Christmas trees.  I like a multi-colored tree, I like monochromatic trees with white lights.  I like it all...which makes it very hard for me to pin down an exact "style" for myself.  Anyway, these are from my multi-colored decor days. 

I am going to transform them to fit into our golden decor of today.  Me and my friend, Can o' Krylon paint! 

For real, folks.  Final Christmas decor pics between now and Monday.  I know, I know...I said that a week ago, but like I said...For Real!




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