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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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Little Girl said---you don't always have to write about the "Musings of an Ol'dawg" so here we go. What is the definition of "musings"---"memories"?

I remember---I Don't---somebody told me I'm sure----Daddy Ernie---my Grandad---never ate out to much--except at gatherin's--reunions--things such as that. Went to a resturant with probably my Dad---orderin' breakfast and lady asked him---how do you like your eggs?----he said "I like em".

Visitin' some friends---they had just got new washer and dryer set-----Daddy Ernie said---Ya'll got one like that don't you Ronnie---I said ---yep----but yours bakes biscuits don't it----yeah it does---my buddy went and told his Mon---Ronnie's got a dryer like ours but it bakes biscuits.

Dominos---had a big kitchen table in the dining room---but NO!!!---they set up the  card table in the living room where the  TV was----Aunt Ruby and Uncle Vanie would come over-- or Mae and Leroy Jones---cuzzins----wanted to watch TV---have you ever tried to watch TV when there was some domino shufflin' goin' on. Every few minutes Mama Fronie would be tellin' me to turn it down---I'd sneak over n turn it up. MAN!!

Me and the dog Penny at the tank fishin' one day---Daddy Ernie was there was trackin' bees----bees come to water and take it to their hive---had to do with building the hive or something----anyway Daddy Ernie had  eagle eyes when it came to bees---he'd watch em land---watch em fly off and get an idea as to which way the were goin' and follow the line of flight to the hive-----so intent on fishin' didn't see him come back from his trackin' ----think he was hidin' but don't know for sure-- he was a big practical joker----heard this growlin' noise---couldn't figure out where it was comin' from and lit out to the house----Mama Fronie saw me comin' said one minute I was ahead of the dog and then he was ahead of me. Laughed her self into a tizzy when I told her what was goin' on---gave Daddy Ernie a what far for scarin' me.

One time a game warden came to the house ----was gonna check the tank to see about stockin' some fish in it---asked for Daddy Ernie and Aunt Erna Lee told him he was at the neighbors settin' some fish traps. OOOOPS! Said he just smiled and said he'd be back later. Times have changed.

Ted my big ole Collie dawg loved to chase rabbits---as I said earlier we had plenty of rabbits around---a little Whippet showed up at our house and we kinda adopted it---we thought it was a minature Greyhound---looked just like one---anyway we were out playin' in a pasture and Ted jumped a jackrabbit---off he went and seconds later the little Whippet flew by him like he was standin' still---he was so dumb founded he actually stopped---you could almost read the expression on his face-----damn---what the hell was that---me an my buddies were laughin' at his look. Man came by lookin' for the Whippet one day---beleive Ted was releived--got rid of the competition.

Had an old paint horse---called her Paint--imagine that---she was cross between a Welsh and a Shetland--not a big horse----anyway Kenny and I were ridin' one day and stopped at the house for a drink---Kenny mounted up first and I sneaked up and grabbed Paint in the flank and she started buckin' and a jumpin---Kenny was hollerin' ---STOP---WHOA ---WAIT A MINUTE  and me on the ground laughin'.

Down at a tank fishin' with cuzzin's Butch and David--- Butch had a pain---#2 and said he had to go to the  house---said what for----no paper---use leaves---works for me---made a mistake and used bull nettles---can you imagine----for u city slickers, bull nettles have little thorns and seems like your on fire -sting like crazy. Make sure of the brand of leaves your gonna use.

Out in the feed lot one day and decided to rope a steer Daddy Ernie was feedin' out to butcher----bout 250-300 pounds--drug me through every cow pile in that lot. Dint rope no more steers.


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