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Dickinson Parade

Ronnie and I went to the Dickinson parade this year.  The weather was just perfect - cold, but not so cold we couldn't enjoy our time outside.  All of the floats were really pretty and I cannot emphasize enough how much Christmas spirit was around.  It was the most incredible feeling hearing the people in the parade hollering, "MERRY CHRISTMAS".  Not only that, but when I realized everyone watching the parade was hollering it back to them, I couldn't even say anything because I was so choked up (that has been happening a lot lately.  I'm like a faucet with a leak...don't ask me why...I don't know).  It was just beautiful!


Lots of people had plastic bags prior to the start of the parade.  I didn't think much of it.  Later we realized that candy would be thrown from the floats to the children watching.  The poor little guy next to us had to work really hard for his candy, but he didn't mind.  And when the floats with music came along he and his older brother just naturally started shaking their boodies!  They were pretty good dancers.  

The Grinch was there.  He hopped out of his little cart and gave everybody "five".  I was using a new camera and did not get a good picture of him during the parade, but wouldn't you know it...as we were leaving the parade we somehow ended up behind his little cart.  Yep, we stalked him all the way back to the starting point of the parade so we could get a better picture.  He was so nice about it and very accommodating. 

It was an awesome evening!

On another note...look what we found in our tater sack! 

It is too cute to cook. It’s a heart! We are going to take it with us to BC and plant it in our new yard so we can grow love...and taters, should we ever get there. Hope it’ll stay good that long. Any ideas on how to preserve a potato for future planting??  

So what about you, our very much appreciated readers?  Have you attended any fabulous Christmas parades or parties or plays?  We hope you will link some pictures and let us share in your joy!  

Deck the Halls...or the Mantel