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Deck the Halls...or the Mantel

Hey You!  Hope everything is going well over in your part of the world!  All is well here, but we have been such busy bees or poor time managers.  In our defense, though, we have been on the road some, also.   

It's funny.  In October we were very optimistic about selling our house...like "dream on, baby" optimistic.  We were so sure we would be in BC by Christmas we even went ahead and took the Christmas decorations over there.  As I posted previously, Ronnie grabbed them on one of his trips to BC.  But, once we took everything out there was still a few things missing.  Just some glittery poinsettias and glittered eucalyptus leaves and other accessories, but we just could not think back to last year and where we put those few things or even in what we put them away.  We knew they would be in a little box because it was just a few items, but put our finger on it...we could not.  Of course, once we gave up looking for them, they appeared...in the garage...somewhere.  

I digress.  Okay, now the results of our little projects.  Crafting really is fun!  And, it really doesn't have to be expensive!  I was very happy that we did would not have to spend a dime on the tree decorations.  I had spent about five bucks on Dollar Tree 2/$1 tree embellishments to use to dress up our green garland, but did use them for the tree when our other embellishments went AWOL.  Thanks to my sweet hubby for all his help with the tree.  His choosing to decorate the bottom part on the tree was a little questionable, though, since I am 4' 6" and he is 6' 1", but I'm definitely not complaining!

Don't you love digging into the Christmas decoration boxes and re-discovering all the junk decorations that have accumulated over the years?  A lot of times one might get into those boxes and think, "Goodwill...trash...Goodwill...".  But sometimes if you look at them with an open mind you can change them up as your tastes change.  I was happy to find these decorations and decided I could make them fit into our red and gold theme with a can of gold spray paint: 


My favorite way to decorate is with garland everywhere...on the mantel, surrounding the fireplace, in the windows....   But, when I tried that in this house, it just didn't feel right.  So this year I tried something a little different.  First, we changed out mirrors.  Rae, you may recognize this mirror...it is the one you gave us but we painted it all gold.  The Martha Stewart inspired poinsettia wreath looks nice with it and it really "lightened" up the mantel, weight wise and color wise.  The Gold Nutcrackers helped lighten it up some too.  Those guys really added a lot of bang for very little buck!  I love the sparkle in the little gold trees, especially at night.  The little bit of light in the room reflects off the glitter.  It's like having my own stash of diamonds and gold.



Well, that's it for our decking the halls!  We had a good time getting things together and a differing opinion here and there, but it's done.  Now, we can concentrate more on enjoying the Reason for the Season!

What about you all?  Are you all done decorating?  Any favorite decorations you just cant let go?  Doing ok with holiday stress?  We sure hope so, but if not, come back tomorrow or the day after with a cup of hot chocolate and check out our post on the Christmas program we attended at the First Pentecostal Church in BC.  Hint:  there will be videos of precious little children singing.  Once you see those you will say, "Stress who?"  It is a program you will surely want to check out next year if you live in the area and/or seek out something similar in your area.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

"The Christ of Christmas"

Dickinson Parade