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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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More night fishin'

Was lolligagin' around the house---trying to get motivated to make the drive to Bay City---1 1/2 hrs --Leo said after the norther---well its after-- wantin' to, but the drive---ugh!!----Michael---nephew--- called, asked if I was comin' ---yep---had some business to take care before I could get on the road---called again--said they are on their way---ok---"meet ya'll there". Business plus a little grocery shoppin---sandwiches---load up and on my way.

Uneventful drive----saw a few deer---Little Girl is constantly on my a$$----KEEP UR EYES ON THE ROAD---but its my nature to look under the trees-down the right-a-ways for deer and other varmints. So a road trip without my " drivin' instructor " is sometimes a treat.

Anyway---after a late start---in Bay City about 9PM---rececived a call from Leo---bro-in-law----bring coffee---catchin fish---com'on. Mcdougals---fresh coffee---headed to 521 bridge--Colorado River. Found em' settin' in the truck--fish quit bitin'?---no just warmin' up---heck its only 35-40 degrees out---no wind---not too bad.

Got to fishin' --they still bitin'---hooked one my 3rd cast---continued catchin'--keepin' and releasin' til about 12AM or so and Leo said time to wrap it up----big'uns not bitin'---wound up with close to 30 keepers----got to be 15"+ to keep em----limit 10 per person.

This is my "go to bait " for nite fishin'-- Creme swimming shad-- weighted and gets out there with little effort--with a  Shimano Sahara spinnin' reel and the American Rodsmith 7' medium action rod it gets the job done-----Leo and Mike like the tandem rigs--thats with 2 soft plastic grubs or shrimp tails. I prefer one bait---why--don't know---works for me.

Can't wait til the next norther blows thru---drives the fish into the deep water in the river---Colorado empties into the Gulf down by the town of Matagorda and even up where we were fishin' its saltwater and affected by the tides. The fish will travel to warmer, deeper water and we use lights ran by a generator to attract bait and this attracts the trout---sometime even redfish.

Come on NORTHER. 

Season of Miracles

"The Christ of Christmas"