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"The Christ of Christmas"

This has been a wonderful time preparing for the coming of baby Jesus.  Of course there is a lot of lights and decorating and parties, but there is also daily reflection, prayer, scripture and rememberance about the most precious Gift of Christmas.  

We attend the Catholic church, but my brother and sister-in-law (Leo and Pam) attend the First Pentecostal Church in BC and we are often invited to their church events.  Even though we do not worship in the same house we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  I cannot tell you how many times their church family has been right there by our side in difficult times.  They are our "family" too and we so enjoy attending as many of the invitations extended to us as we can. 

Last week we had the pleasure of attending their Christmas program.  The program included powerful visual reminders of the events leading to the birth of Christ accompanied by the beautiful voices of their choir.

But, this years program was especially touching because Rev. Moore and his family truly experienced a miracle recently.  Rev. Moore and Mrs. Moore were attending a conference in Houston when he fell ill.  He knew whatever was wrong was serious and at 4 a.m. Mrs. Moore drove him straight to the hospital.  He was right and thanks be to God that they were in a metropolitin area where they could receive the best care because Rev.  Moore had massive pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) in both lungs and severe blood clots in his leg.  As he recalled the experience to us he told us of how each doctor working with him told him things like, "You are lucky to be alive" or "you're lucky to be here right now" three in all!  But Rev. Moore was quick to point out that it had nothing to do with luck.  He stated it boldly, clear and simple...it was a MIRACLE.  Although we are not members of that church community, we are very grateful this inspiring man and his family are still able to spread the word and love of God through their ministry to the people of BC and every one whose lives they touch! 

It's evident that the peace, happiness and willingness to serve the Lord that we have seen and felt in this church community has been fueled even more by this miracle.  It is in their smile, their eyes, their touch...and it is in the song they sing. 

Being new to blogging and recording the events of our lives, I did not have the proper equipment to record this memory properly.  A 1gb card ain't enough.  Of course, I went to the program with the narrow minded idea of only filming Baby Boy and Baby Girl, but from the first note of the first song I immediately wished I had enough memory to record everything.  But, I wanted to share what I do have, the kiddos were so cute!   Stay tuned to the end for a special song from all of the children! 




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