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Obsessed? Me? Nah...

Ok, my current weirdo obsession is Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. Oh, how she entertains me. Her blog is SO incredible. I have to say...this is not my first weirdo obsession. My first one was over Jose Cruz, left fielder for the Houston Astros, umpteen years ago, when I was about 9 or 10 years old. My wall was covered with newspaper articles and pictures of him. My brother and sister in law took me to a game one Sunday. They took me to get his autograph after the game. Somehow, in all the excitement, I hit my head and had to miss school the next day. Then there was the time he was almost traded to another team. Heartbreak! How could I carry on if "Jose Cruuuuuz" was traded to another team??? I threw myself on my Jose Cruz wall and cried. It must have worked because he wasn't traded.

Then there was Bob Boudreaux, a local Houston newscaster. Oooh. Tall dark and handsome AND he had a moustache. I was a sucker for a moustache even at 12 years old. I think he had one.  Anyway, every weekday at five o'clock I would set up my tape recorder (no, not the VCR...the tape recorder) to record Bob Boudreaux's voice. Freak! I can't remember if I ever listened to the recordings (that has to be a good sign in all this craziness) but hey, I bet I was the most up to date 12 year old on current events. Ok, probably not. I will spare you the few, poor college boys I obsessed over. Lets just say I am more productive with my obsessions, now. Which brings me back to my BFF, Ree.

She is releasing her first novel in February! It is a recollection of her love story with Marlboro Man, her now husband and their first year of marriage. I was priviledged enough to get a sneak peak. Ok, NO, not really, but kind of. You can have the same sneak preview if you go to her site and read the posts under Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I highly recommend it, as well as, reserving your copy of the upcoming book.

She was even recently on a Thanksgiving Throw Down with Bobby Flay. Cutie Pie Bobby Flay! See, I told you she was awesome. I set the DVR to record it even though I was home to watch it. Ronnie was in BC and I called three times to make sure he and Mom watched it. And then...I watched it again at midnight.  Hey, there was a lot of good food and recipes.  No, Im not getting paid for promoting her book or the Throw Down...I'm just obsessed.

Right now we are going back home from BC. We passed by the Old Ocean Conoco/Phillips refinery. I took a drink of a freshly opened coke right as we got to it without realizing we were so close to it. This horrible smell permeated my sinus cavity. I looked at my husband in horror thinking it was my breath, for some reason. He assured me it was just the refinery. I know I have had stinky breath before but please tell me if it ever smells like rotten egg fart. Whew

Anyway, went to Mom's today to deep clean and re-arrange her living room. She has so much pain in her back she is neither capable nor motivated to do it. My body is feeling every bit of my 40 something years right now. Seems like most of those years are in my knees and lower back. Ronnie blew and bagged up leaves. We were going to get the Christmas ornaments we packed up and took to the studio, but we are going back on Saturday anyway, so we will get them then. Hopefully, we will be able to move (as in our bodies) after today. And, hopefully, we will be able to post our holiday decor and some neat projects I have been working on. Maybe Monday.

It was a nice day, but eager to get home, warm up some Pei Wei Mongolian Chicken and King Ranch casserole leftovers for supper and snuggle up and watch the Texans play some football. But first, I think I will check to see if Pioneer Woman did an extra post today!

What about you? Any obsessions you would like to reveal for all the world to read??

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