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Christmas Week

Merry Christmas!  I know, I know...it's almost over but I hope you and your families had a blessed day full of peace, joy, love and happiness.  Did you get everything you wanted?  Did the children wake you up before the crack of dawn?  Do tell...we would love to know.

We had a busy week leading up to Christmas.  Monday was my brother's, birthday. 

He's a handsome devil, huh?  And he is a strong booger and we were VERY happy to head to Bay City to celebrate 50-somethin' years with him and his family.  We have more of a "give you a hard time" relationship than a "lovey dovey" one, but I know he loves me and I sure hope he knows how very much I love him.  I cant wait to get to Bay City so I can show him a few things about catching fish!! :D

Pam made enchilada casserole and rice, Mike made beans a la charra and Leo made homemade tortilla chips.  It was all delicious and my brother being the "up with the trends"simple kind of guy he is, he requested cupcakes to top off his dinner.  We hung out for a while, met his new puppy Smokey, played with Alex and the twins for a while and even watched part of a movie with the kiddos before we had to leave.  Hope it was a Happy Birthday for you Brother.

We had another showing one day this week.  Actually, they scheduled one, but we don't think they ever came, which is a bummer because it was a two hour time frame, between 5:30 and 7:30, that we we had to be out of the house.  Kinda messes up the evening.  Usually, they will call and cancel, so maybe they did come, I dunno. 

Of course, we had some shopping to finish up this past week, also, so with all the traffic in town, that took a whole day.  But finally, Christmas Eve arrived.  Hope you will come back for a visit for that post!  We sure thank you for stopping in!!

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