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Sundown to Whiteface

The big move---19 miles---another adventure---new friends--new place to live and all out on the Plains where the wind blows free and everything with it, literally

Whiteface Texas, about the same size town as Sundown--Dad got a head coach job there and it was all new--new school ---4th grade---new teachers--kids and places to roam.

A tornado had hit Whiteface sometime before we moved there---there was still evidence of the destruction. A slab where there had been a  house---if I remember correctly----it seems like we were supposed to move into that house.  Really--- a 2x4 stickin' out of a telephone post and straws too. Found out years later---some kinda weird pressure opens up the poles and things become lodged in those openings.

We lived in I guess a rent house--pretty close the the edge of town.  A little stucco, 2 bedroom house on a big lot---all lots were big back then---or seemed to be. Seems  to me that all that grew in our yard was "goatheads". Tough little stickers that actually looked like goatheads. Fill the bottom of a tennis  shoe--- rat quik---we were supposed to take our shoes off at the door cause the thorns would scratch up the floor. If in  the morning you got up and your bike didn't have a flat----miracle. We had a little grass in the front yard that I got to mow---remember the  old push mowers with the blades that turned as you pushed---I DO.

There were so many friends that I made there in Whiteface, I sometimes think about them and wonder what they are doing now---whether they are still around ---above ground.  Went to school with them from 4th to 7th grade. There were several that lived on my street--Terry Tubbs---we hit it off good--he was a year or 2 older but we had a lot of the same interest---Indians---think his family was part Indian---of the north American type---anyway we searched the area for arrow heads and anything we could fine regarding Indians---he knew places where arrow heads had been found and we would walk miles searching with our heads down and we did find some. Some were just pieces but to us they still held some history and probably had a story---we had a vivid imagination.

Then there was the McCoy boys---Mike and Johnny---Mike was older so Johnny and I would terrorize the neighbor hood with our games of cowboys and Indians---I always wanted to be the Indian---sneakin up on the cowboy. We all had toy guns---rifles - pistols and such and made the sound of the gun goin off with our voices---should a heard what came out of some. We had a grand ole time---free to roam the whole town--nobody bothered us as we played wherever. Sad to say----times have changed.

Then there was Joe Rhodes, Stubby Whittinberg, Otis Summers, Jerry Worley and a bunch more---OLD DAWG havin a hard time rememberin'---been a long time.

About this same time another PIB came along---Carla K---she was a miracle baby---not sure cause can't remember----I don't ---story is Mom had surgery while carrying Carla---the carrying place--the womb--was removed---surgery performed--put back in place and later hatched. Guess thats why she's so stubborn--HA!.  I cannot corroborate that story---like I said, I don't remember---but that is what Memaw and Papa said.

Don't remember a lot about the early years of my sisters--- I DON'T---cause I was busy being a boy---didn't have time for little girls I guess.

About this time was when Mr Disney came out with "Davy Crockett"---man I'd rather take a whippin' than miss Davy---the show put a new light on my frontiersman wanna-be life. Oh failed to mention---we had one of the first TV's on our block----my buds would come down after school and we'd hit the floor to watch the Cowboy shows or whatever was on the tube.  Course all was in black n white and picture was not always clear but we were hooked. I was a big fan of the Disney Mouseketeer shows and was instantly in love with Annette Funicello (sp)--who wasn't? -- and Doreen---strange I can remember those names--HA!. There were the cartoons---Felix the Cat, Bugs Bunny and many others. Howdy Doody was another favorite--and the westerns---Lone Ranger and Tonto, Buster Crabb--Lash Larue, Whip Wison, Wild Bill Hickock, Sky King, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy---man I could go on 'n on but I think you get the point. These TV shows and what we saw at the picture show lead to many a  good time playin' cowboys 'n Indians--recreating the shows as we went along and adding our own ideas. Then there were the war shows---cause we had to play war---dug fox holes in the yard-- dirt clods were grenades cause they kinda exploded when they hit something---we had vivid imaginations back then. Kids nowadays are glued to TV and video games---never hear of, or see kids playin' cowboys and Indians or army. The Good Old Days


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