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House Showing

Whoop!  We got another call to show the house!  Outstanding!  Actually, we also got a call Friday afternoon, but I had gone to BC to take Mom to the doctor and left the house a mess.  I dont know why I dont learn, but here is one thing anyone selling a house can take from this post.  ALWAYS, leave your house "show" ready.  NEVER leave it even a little messy.  Even if you haven't had a call in days or weeks, ALWAYS assume you will get a call from from the one person willing to pay $20 thousand more than your asking price on the day you think it is ok to leave it a little messy.

That is what our house is right now...just a little messy.  A little clutter here and there and it needs the cleaning fairy to come make a pass with the dust rag, vacuum and broom.  Actually, we call that person Houdini. 

It is no secret that I do not like to clean.  It really is just laziness.  I can admit it.  But, I like the feel of a clean, uncluttered space.  So, I have recently employed a new cleaning routine that might work for you or might not.  Most forty-somethings have everything all figured out on their own, but maybe it can help someone.  I'm a slow learner.  For me, this little routine makes all the difference in the world.  I used to go room by room--deep clean one room at a time.  It seemed to take forever because I did it all at once.  It may not have, I never timed it, but it seemed to.  Now, its seems much easier and quicker.  And maybe even more of a challenge.  That may be the reason for the change in my attitude.  Everybody loves a challenge, no? 

So tell us already! 

Cleaning Rotation

  • Mon/Wed/Fri -- Declutter, Sweep and Mop, Dust/Clean Surfaces
  • Tues/Thurs/Saturday -- Bathrooms, Kitchen, Vacuum Floors and Sofa

Cleaning Intervals

Ok, what I do now...I have three sets of cleaning intervals for every other day, listed above.  So, every two days the whole house is deep cleaned within an hour and a half each day.  Here's how it goes.  I set the timer on the stove for twenty minute intervals:

  • First twenty minute interval is to declutter the whole house.  Granted the two spares and the guest bath usually don't have any clutter, so for us, this includes kitchen, living room, wash room, master bedroom, bath and closet.  If Houdini has been keeping up with his job, most times it doesnt even take the whole twenty minutes. 
  • Second twenty minute interval is for cleaning all surfaces.  This includes kitchen/counters, coffee tables, nik-naks, bedside tables and so on.   
  • Third twenty minutes is for sweeping and mopping.  I usually use the broom to keep the baseboards clean during this time also.  Sometimes our dogs find it necessary to leave their paw print on the moulding and wall and I have to give it a wipe with a towel, but otherwise a pass with the broom every other day keeps the dust at bay.  This interval does take the whole twenty minutes for me.  Our house is 1760 sq. ft. and is about 70% carpet, 30 percent hard floors and all baseboards.  Trying to beat the clock is what makes this part fun.

Now, the second day, the intervals are a little more work intensive, but quick, non the less.

  • First twenty minutes on these days start with a good bathroom cleaning for both the master and guest bath.  Now, I have already swept and mopped and cleaned surfaces, so basically its just toilets/showers and sinks/faucets.  We have a garden tub also, but I usually wipe that down with a wash rag after a good long soak in the tub.  This can all be done in twenty minutes, because it was just done two days before. 
  • Second twenty minute interval, hit the kitchen.  it's time to unload that dishwasher, deep clean the stove/oven and every other time, the refrigerator. 
  • Third twenty minute interval is for vacuming all carpets and sofas!  This is another challenging interval.  But if I stay focused I can get it done.

Hmmmm...did I forget anything?  I am sure I did.

The good news is, when this is done every day, many of the intervals dont take all twenty minutes.  I like to do it before bed so we wake up to a clean house with a clean start.  It doesnt seem like it would, but it does make a difference.

Obviously, I dont stick to this every day or I wouldnt have had to turn down a request to show the house.  But, I can say it is becoming more of a habit. As for our showings, we haven't heard anything yet, but we still have our fingers crossed.

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