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Sell Your House, but Save Your Marriage

Trying to sell our house has been hard on us.  Especially since we have never had a problem with selling in the past.  We have never waited more than three weeks for an offer or a contract.  In our attempt to sell this time, we have been on and off the market a few times this year.   This last go round has been the only time we have had any lookers and that is probably for a contract on a lease, since we have it listed for lease also. 

Selling your house in a market such as todays can by trying on the soul...both souls, if you are married.  For my practical husband, it is about money.  How long will it last?  And it isn't like one can just go out and get a job in these economic times.  Especially a funny looking. bad interviewee like me.  So, he sits on edge and worries.

For me it is about the emotions.  Always about the emotions with me.  It is the emotional battery that comes along with opening up my haven to the critcal eyes of others only to have someone comment that what they noticed was some of the paint was scratched off the moulding by the back door. Uh, hello, we can (and now we will) paint that.  Big Freakin' deal.  That is what they noticed?  Not a word about the beautiful architecture?  Nothing about the large master bath with two separate vanities and a gorgeous garden tub.  No comment on the humongous master closet or tons of cabinetry in the open kitchen?  I personnaly liked the comment from the buyer that said, "it was the perfect layout and clean and showed beautifully".  Unfortunately, she did not like the surrounding area.  I'll give her that.

We live in a sweet little neighborhood.  All the homes are beautiful and none older than five years.  There is one way in and one way out.  It is a cozy community with only four streets plus the one connecting them all.  But, this cozy little community is set in the middle of a less attractive surrounding area.  It isnt a horrible surrounding area.  I mean, it doesn't bother us.  We did notice the area is not pristine and all country club like, but it just didn't make a difference to us. Our neighbors are good people.  That is what mattered to us.  Some might say that some of the homes in the surrounding area may be occupied by...hoarders, lets say.  I happen to have it on good authority that one gentleman that lives up the road leading to our neighborhood lost his wife a couple of years ago.  He has never recovered from that.  He just cant get the "get up and go" to carry on.  So, the maintenance on his house has suffered.  So sad.  Also, some might consider a trailer park behind their neighborhood a problem.  It hasn't been.  Anyway, I know it is silly and I am being too sensitive, but I feel hurt and angry. 

So you combine hurt and angry with on edge and worried and it makes for a sometimes explosive combination.  Little things become a nuisance and annoying.  Patience runs thin.  Suddenly, tv shows you have endured because your loved one loves them, irritate the be-jeebers out of you.  Dont get me wrong...we are not on the rocks (although an Absolute and Tonic on the rocks sounds good right about now).  It is just more discomfort than we have ever felt in our 14 or 15...or 150 years together.

But there is ONE thing.  You are a "pair".  You are a "pair" blessed with love and each other.  And, remembering that as a "pair" faith, hope and love will pull you through anything.  I cannot wait until the timing is right for the perfect family to come and buy their perfect home.  We are a-waitin'!! 

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