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No, it isn't the beginning of a hilarious joke but it is the beginning of us, Ron & Jenn aka Casa Causpanic.

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It is a very ordinary, extraordinary life about which we journal.

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Seems like people would find a place to live and stay there----things change and moves are made whether you are comfortable with them or not. Jobs, just cause, want a bigger house----grass is greener---who knows.

When I was a kid---5 different towns--one in Tennessee.  I did mention earlier Dad was in the school business and this necessitated several of the moves----movin' up in the school business world. My poor Mama--took it in stride and kept on truckin'.  Dad was also a home builder---started when we first moved to Corpus Christi. We first rented a house from a home builder by the name of Ira Hayley----he had several rentals behind his home place. Dad asked him to build us a house and he  said ----build it yourself--course Dad said didn't know how ---old Ira taught him. That started Dad in the building business.

During the time we lived in Corpus--well when I was livin' at home we moved 9 times in 5 years. Including the move to Tennessee. Came home one summer from working at a boys camp up by Kerrville---knowing they were gonna move to another house but they failed to tell me they had moved---got dropped off--strange lady came to the door---oh---your parents moved to the other house---reckon this was a subtle message?

As Little Girl said we have out house leased----got the be out a here by the 26th. We have been happily movin' together for  15 years and 6 moves---this will be our 6th and hopefully our last.

 Really would rather sell, but the market being what it is today leasing is a good option. Knowing that one day we might move back to Bay City---should of had the foresight to rent or lease. Anyway ---done deal---.


We been a packin', a haulin, and gettin' it done---well some what---we've unloaded almost all of the closets---clothes --- kitchen utensils----just kept enuff for the balance of the time here-- got a ways to go.

 Last week Daughter and Grn Kids came for a couple of days---Christmas all over again in miniature. Grn Kids presents. Good visit--short but sweet and its great to see kids and daughter. Met daughter's Sis n Law for eve dinner---talkin' about the move and she volunteered her enclosed trailer and truck to haul with. We have been usin' our SUV's to haul boxes and a borrowed 10' from our neighbor Daniel for some bigger stuff. The enclosed trailer will definitely cut down on the amount of trips we have to make with our vehicles and small trailer.  Yahoo!!! for Diana.

Ok back to packin'----got some more to do today as time seems to be flyin' by.  Will keep you posted.

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