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Office Space Design

I gotta tell ya...Jodi at Simply Inspired Home has done an awesome job with her office space.  They have thought of everything.  I definitly want to incorporate some of their ideas into our office space.  That is what Ol' Dawg calls, "putting the cart before the horse".  I can hear him now..."Jennifer Kay!  We havent even finished packing and you are already making plans for the studio!  We got to get moved first.  Now, get off that computer and get to work!"  haha!  That sounds just like him.

Anyway, they built in a convenient hideaway spot for their printer/fax machine:

Not only that, but this nifty box encases all their chargers, power strips and keeps them organized while keeping the desktop clean and uncluttered.  Plus, it is wired so that you can turn them on with a flip of a switch.  Now that is thinking ahead and so convenient!  No more crawling under desks or tables, untangling cords. 

We will surely be taking inspiration from this blog for our studio.  Wanna see more?  Well, head on over there.  I know they would love to have you drop in and I know you will love what you see.  It's simplyinspiredhome.com 

Woops...busted, gotta get back to packing.  Take care and thanks for reading our blog!!



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