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Redneck Trailer Repair

A while back comin' home  from a Bay City fishin' trip the bearings went out on one of  the trailor wheels ---drove on in about 30 miles on the shoulder of the road. Slowly--very slowly---had Grandma and Buddy with me. Comin' for a visit. Called Little Girl as she worries when I'm on the road----remember---"drivin instructor"--wonder how I've made it all these 67 years --anyway we made it in ok. Next mornin' jacked her up, pulled it apart and the fun began.  Not much of a mechanic but have done the bearing thing before. The hardest part is getting -what is called the races out ---this is the part that the bearing sets on inside the hub.  Course the one that went out was totally destroyed---bearings gone---races still intact and well seated. Punches---cussin and beatin' finally got em out.  New bearings---new races--seals---back together and didn't seem to fit just right. The internal part of the hub was so beat up that the new race on one end would not set where it was supposed to go. Put it back together anyway and proceded to repair the other side ---went back together really well and back to the bad side. No way to clean up the internal of the hub so did what I should have done in the first place---buy new hubs. Picked them up yesterday and gonna get it back together today. I'll then have a spare hub ready to go in case I have this problem again. Also got what they call "bearing buddies"--a cap that has a grease zerk --spring loaded--stores grease in its cavity and the springs force grease into the hub as needed.

 Everybody is familiar with "MURPHY'S LAW"----well it prevailed when I started putting the hub on the first one---about 1/8" to small. So its back to the supply house. Wanted to go yesterday but it was rainin' and nasty and one of the first things you learn in Houston---if at all possible---don't get on the road when its rainin'---yo-yo's don't know how to drive in the rain. Looks like its gonna be a pretty day today so headin' out about mid mornin'. Should have it back together and ready to go early this evenin'---unless "ole murphy" lifts his ugly head again. HA!

Update:  Well -- you guessed it---OLE MURPHY --yep---did I mention earlier that I'm not much of a mechanic--I DID-- didn't know what to ask for and the sales people at the place didn't ask any ??? either--my fault-your fault---so hope---3rd time is a charm. Will see this mornin' if I can get it right and not leave until I'm satisfied that I've got the right parts.


Update #2:  Well -----after all of the above and not gettin the --REDNECK TRAILER--- back on the road--last trip the ones needed not in stock --so---MURPHY PREVAILS-- returned all that I had purchased----ordered and hope I got it right this time----3-5 days and should be there----one more trip---xxxxx fingers,toes, eyes n legs. Waitin' for the call. 


Update #3:  Well ---Murphy took a vacation---got the call yesterday that my hubs were in---we were in Bay City---took a load over----slow but sure. Made it to the parts house today, checked em  out---lookin good. Got back to the house and gotter done----gonna head to Bay City agin in the AM. Hope my shade tree mechanic job works. Been what ----4 trips---about 4-5 wks---sure glad I didn't get the urge to fish out a the boat.

Rule #1---grease the hubs---whether you think they need it or not---saltwater is destructive.

Rule #2---If it does happen---take your hub with you and make sure you get the right one the first trip. Was told all they needed was the bearing----yeah right.

Rule #3---refer to rule #1.

Well all is well---got to BC just fine and forgot to post my REDNECK TRAILER REPAIR.

Till we meet again, be good...if you can't be good, be careful!

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