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World Series Chatter

Under no circumstances would I pitch to Puljos.  They need to walk him every time.  Even one run is too many in the World Series

Dang!!  Tied already??

What?  They are already calling the bullpen???

I dont know if I can watch this game (as I throw down my mini chocolate chips).

Come on Napoli!

YEAH!  Base hit.

RUN RUN RUN!!!  Out. Dangit

Oh no!  Chris Carpenter has a 6-0 record at home??  Great, just great :(  Oh man!!  That was beautiful!!

That WAS a good bunt.

Young!  Why do you do that!  What an idiot.  (he swung at a ball he realllly had to reach for - strike).

Ohhhhhh pretty catch (same guy that was an idiot a little while ago.  Which, I dont really think he is an idiot.  I just say those things when I watch sports). 

Come on boys lets get those bats swinging. 

I could no longer watch. 

The game is now over and our Texas team's destiny did not include winning the World Series title this year.

I feel for them...they have worked so hard. 

But, I am still very proud of our Texas Rangers and maybe we will get 'em next year!!




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