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We did it!

We finally did it!!

We bit the bullet!!

We bought a fridge.

Can you hear that??  That's the angel choir singing that all the bloggers talk about.

Wow!  I cant believe it. 

Introducing...Fridgerator Casa Causpanic:

Oh yes!  It was delivered Wednesday.

It's a Frigidaire and we bought it at Lowe's.

With the sale price and 5% off for putting it on the card (which we will pay on Monday) and the extended warranty we added, it came out to be about $50 or so dollars more than it would have costs from Home Everything...only, without the Home Everything hassle I previously wrote about.

Oh yeah, and with out the ice maker and water dispenser on the door. 

But I had been thinking a lot about the ice maker in the door.  I had been really questioning how important the ice maker in the door was to me. 

So, I said, "Me...how important is the ice maker in the door to you?"

And I (aka Me) responded, "It is very important."

Then I said to myself, "Are you sure it is very important?  You know how annoyed you get when you are walking around in your socks and you step on a big ol' wet spot from the renegade ice cube that gets away and melts on the floor."

To which I (aka Me) said, "Hey, yeah!  You're right!"

Then I said, "And what about the couple of times the dispenser got plugged up with ice for whatever reason?  It didn't happen often, but it sure was a pain when it did."

As I thought about it, I asked Myself, "Self, I don't think I have ever seen you even drink water from the refrigerator dispenser!"

My (aka Self) response, "Nope, we always drank from the Ozarka dispnser or we have Ozarka on hand."

So after careful consideration by Me, Myself and I, it was decided that an ice maker and a water dispenser really were unnecessary.

It hasn't seemed any less convenient to open the drawer and scoop out some ice.  Plus, now we have a "Quick Ice" function that will rev up the ice making capability if we have a get together and need more ic than usual. 

I am so happy to have a full sized fridge again, and extra-happy to have a French door fridge!!

We have already filled it with our old loves, milk, eggs, cheese and BACON, as well as with quite a few of our new loves...vegetables.  Plenty-o-room for all and then some.  Plus, there is room for all sorts of frozen stuff too!

I feel like I won the lottery!

I know this fridge will give us many years of service.

Welcome home, Fridgerator!!!  We love you. 

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