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Musings on a Beautiful, Fall Evening

I was sitting here at my dining room table taking a break from the long day, just being still and listening. 

The TV is off, no ipod is playing, just the sounds of this very moment in our life.

The sound of the office chair squeaking as Ronnie surfs the web.

The sound of a whirling drill and screws falling to the floor as Michael (my nephew) puts the remainder of the handles on the kitchen cabinets.  Occasionally, we break the silence and chat.  Oh, how I enjoy a good chat with all my nieces and nephews. 

The sound of Jake barking at the patio door wanting to come in.  Both he and Maggie bark and scratch at the door to come inside, but he is most persistent.  Jake's plea is a soft brush of his paw on the door while Maggie's is an urgent-sounding, heavy swipe.  On the other hand, his bark is a demand while hers is a polite request.  Oh, my crazy, beautiful dogs.

I look out the back door as the sun sets on this day and a feeling of overwhelming gratitude overcomes me.  With every falling leaf my mind releases.  All worries, all fears fade away with the light of day.  The only thing that remains is the shadows of the trees and the gratitude.  My heart is full.  My life is full.  I thank God for every moment of this beautiful journey on which He has sent me. 

This is a moment I truly want to remember.

Wishing you many moments, Blog Friends.  And thanking you all for taking time out of your busy, beautiful lives to stop in at Casa Causpanic. 

Peace be with you all. :)

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