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Practice Pies

Ahhh, Thanksgiving.

It is here again.  ALREADY!  Whaaaaa?  How can it be?  I dunno, but it is.

We will be having our first Thanksgiving dinner here at the studio.

We are so anxious to see these bandits:


Oh yeah, let's not forget how happy we will be to also see these hooligans:

We will be missing Dave and Chad, but they are blessed with lots of family and we totally understand there just isn't enough time to visit everyone.   

I havent cooked for this crew very often.

Once, I attempted to make them breakfast.  Disaster.

Then I made Lasagna one time.  Can you say Mojave Dessert?  It was dry and not much better than Stouffer's. 

No offense, Stouffers.

So, needless to say, I am a little nervous for them.

I have practiced my cornbread dressing and gotten the approval of two of the toughest, most honest critics.  Mike and my mom.

Then, Friday, Mom helped me practice making pies -- Pumpkin and Pecan.

We even made the pie crusts. 

They were delicious, if I must say so myself. 

Aside from being thrilled about delicious pies, I was even more thrilled to spend the afternoon with my Mama.

No...I didnt take a picture of her.  "What's up with that?" you say?  I dunno.  I haven't been feeling much love for the camera, lately. 

Plus, it wasnt until I went to pick up our empty pie plates, after she left, that I realized I wanted to remember this moment.

It was kinda like old times.  Only, in the old days, I used to come home and help her.  We would chop onions and celery, make cornbread and sit at the dining room table and talk and flip through magazines. 


 It was an awesome day. 

I hope you are having awesome days!

See you again soon!


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