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Dose of Reality

I painted a nice, pretty little picture in I Bleed Maroon.

Now, lets sprinkle a little reality on that picture because I'm all about keeping it real on this here blog.

My transition to college was not necessarily a smooth one.

First off, I was not the most serious student.

Looking back, I went to college because it was "the next step".

I majored in Finance because all of my pre-college tests indicated my interests would best be used in finance or accounting. 

That was fine with me.  Finance would put me in a career I could use anywhere for the rest of my life.  Plus, working in a bank seemed great (yep, in my narrow teen mind finance = bank).  

Shoot...bankers worked 9-3 back then - or in my fantasy world they did.  They got to dress up everyday, had nice little glass offices, worked Monday through Friday, had holidays off, they seemed to make good money, and well, lets face it...the bankers were clean cut and handsome :D.

It did not take me long to realize I had absolutely no interest in the market, economics, statistics, accounting, nor anything else a degree in Finance involved.

It also did not take long for my grades to reflect that I had no interest in all that stuff.

Adding that to trying to learn to juggle freedom, fun, studying(I never had to study before so I had no real study habits) plus learning how to build relationships and socialize(which, by the way, I never learned) made for a less than stellar first semester, academically.

After my first round of college finals, I packed up all my stuff and gladly went home for the Christmas break good. 

I casually informed my parents that I was not going back.

They casually informed me "oh yes you are!"

So, I went back, equipped with a little experience. 

I still lacked a passion for Finance though, I learned the world would not end if I skipped a class or two or ten.  My grades suffered and I was placed on academic probation.

The Lord put me in the right place at the right time for me to land an awesome job with The Office of University Research so I worked through the summer, taking a few classes and dropping them before they negatively affected my GPA.

My parents had had enough.  The agency funding my education had had enough. 

It was do or die. 

Thank God, for Where There's a Will, There's an A, a study program advertised on late night TV. 

It was a long-shot, but it worked.  I finally learned how to study and how to balance that with a little fun.  I made A's an B's from then on out.  (ok, ok, I did make a C on some programming class.  I wanna say it was BASIC II...yuk).

Plus, I changed my major to Management.  I still had to take more economics and statistics, but I could stomach them a little better because I was enjoying the classes that focused on the operational aspects of business.

So, it was really at that point where I could savor and enjoy the traditions of A&M.

Like everyone occasionally does, I look back and wonder if I could have made more of that time and my degree if I had known exactly what it was I wanted to do with my life at that time.  And, there have been times that I have wondered if that was my last "greatest accomplishment". 

Then...I return to the present.

I return to the present and see that my life is and has been full of love and happiness.  As my husband reads over my post he tells me that everyday he is happy is my last greatest accomplishment. 

For that I am grateful.  And, with that, I look forward to what is yet to come.

We Heart the Houston Texans!!

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